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Brochure Order Form
Brochure Order Form

​​​​Brochure and Additional Application Request Form (for Nonresidents)

View Colorado's current Regulations Brochures online. Just click on the brochure you're interested in and you'll be able to read it online immediately. You can print either parts of the brochure you need or the entire document. Taking advantage of this service will provide you with the information you need right away instead of waiting 7-10 days for snail mail. Plus, you'll be helping Colorado Parks and Wildlife save money on rising postage and paper costs, so that more of your license dollars go directly to managing Colorado's wildlife resources.

If you do need a hardcopy mailed, Colorado Parks and Wildlife will mail 1 copy of a brochure to hunters without internet access, but be aware the Postal Service can take up to 10 days to deliver a brochure to your home.

Also, be aware that instead of filling out paper applications and mailing them by the April deadline, hunters can apply online.

If you encounter problems with the online form, please call (303) 297-1192 and request that a brochure be mailed to you.

Attention groups: Our new online application process can help prevent members of your group from making some common and simple mistakes that could disqualify you from the drawing. Be aware that if one person in your group makes a mistake on the paper application, everyone in the group will be disqualified. In addition, preference points are not awarded to anyone who makes any mistake on the application. Common mistakes include sending the wrong amount of money, a mistake on the hunter education check box and entering an invalid hunt code. Our new automated process will catch these kinds of mistakes, thereby reducing the chances of applications being rejected from the drawing.

If group members don't want to use the online application process to apply and instead want multiple hard copies of brochures mailed to them, you have some options. You can enter the names and addresses of your group members individually and 1 copy of a brochure will be mailed directly to each member. Or, you can call us at (303) 297-1192. A customer service representative will take down the names and addresses of each group member and send them 1 copy of the brochure requested. As an alternative, you can download the brochure and print out as many copies as you wish.