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Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteer Opportunities

CNAP is looking for volunteers willing to travel to some of the most remote corners of the state. The Program currently offers three types of volunteer opportunities:

  • Volunteer Stewards
  • Rare Plant Monitoring Stewards
  • Roving and Interpretive Stewards

The descriptions are as follows:

Volunteer Stewards

Andy Herb at Deep CreekOur volunteer stewards – now numbering nearly 100 – agree to 'adopt a natural area' and visit at least once a year for at least three years, and complete a simple field form with their observations. Since our small staff cannot visit all sites on a regular basis, we depend on stewards to be our eyes-in-the-field.

See more information about the Volunteer Steward program​ and view a list of sites needing stewards. 

Rare Plant Monitoring Stewards

Rare Plant Monitoring Stewards help to conserve Colorado's rare and native plants. In this program volunteers recieve extensive training, work with botany enthusiasts, become citizen-scientists, and collect data needed by land managers.

To apply for this volunteer opportunity, sign up for the RPM Steward training at the Denver Botanic Gardens website.

Roving and Interpretive Stewards

CNAP is beginning two new volunteer programs: Roving Stewards and Interpretive Stewards. Roving Stewards are people with special skills related to Natural Areas, for example, bird or plant identification. We are looking for people who can create species lists or geologic/paleontologic descriptions for each natural area. Interpretive Stewards lead tours of their Natural Area(s), providing information to the public about the unique attributes of the area.

We ask that all stewards be skilled in:

  • Backcountry hiking
  • Map reading
  • Knowledge of Colorado natural history

If interested, please contact Brian Kurzel at or at (303) 303-866-3203 ext. 4301.