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CNAP Staff
CNAP Staff

​​​​​​Raquel Wertsbaugh

​CNAP Program Coordinator​

Raquel Wertsbaugh - CNAP Program Coordinator.Raquel Wertsbaugh is the Colorado Natural Areas Program Coordinator and has held this position since March 2014. Previously, Raquel was the area wildlife conservation biologist for Colorado Parks and Wildlife in Salida, CO for eight years. Raquel has also been a private land wildlife biologist in Southeastern Colorado, working with agricultural producers, in a joint position with the Natural Resource Conservation Service. Raquel earned her bachelor degree in Wildlife Biology with a minor in Rangeland Ecology from Colorado State University. Her work as a wildlife biologist has included a focus on rare and at-risk species, ranging from boreal toads to bats.

Jessica Smith 

CNAP Technician

Jessica Smith - CNAP Technician.Jessica Smith has worked as a Field Technician for the Colorado Natural Areas Program since 2013. She has traveled the state, visiting all but a handful of the Natural Areas. Jessica holds a master’s degree in Environmental Science, Ecology concentration, from the University of Maryland. She has been involved in the field of plant ecology for 15 years, and has assessed plant communities and populations in a variety of ecosystems across the country. Jessica is also a Certified Native Plant Master with the CSU Extension Native Plant Master Program and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Colorado Native Plant Society.​