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Habitat Partnership Program (HPP)
Habitat Partnership Program (HPP)

​​Habitat Partnership Program logo.The Habitat Partnership Program (HPP), funded by revenue from the sale of big game licenses, develops partnerships among landowners, land managers, sportsmen, the public and Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) to reduce wildlife conflict, particularly conflict associated with forage and fencing. HPP committees (see map, below) are responsible for finding local solutions to local problems.​

HPP committee members are drawn from local livestock and crop producers, the sporting community, and employees of the United State Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management and Colorado Parks and Wildlife, and from other local specialists.

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HPP Announces 2015 Habitat Grant Opportunity

The HPP program is again offering a large scale habitat grant opportunity. To learn more, download the HPP Improveme​nt Grant​ documentation and application​.

Application Deadline: Monday, February 2, 2015.

Committee Meeting Announcements and Minutes

HPP Opens the committee meetings page.The meeting schedules for local HPP committees are now posted online. Meeting announcements will be posted at least 7 days prior to the committee meeting. A contact number is also provided if you have specific questions about the meeting or who to get in touch with regarding a project you would like to submit.

In addition to the meeting announcement, the minutes of the meeting will also be available after they have been approved by the committee. Generally this approval takes place at the next regularly scheduled meeting so there may be a delay between the meeting and the posting of the minutes for that meeting.

To view this information, click on the current meetings button above or visit the HPP Committee Meetings page.

HPP Partnership Committee Boundaries

Republican Rivers HPP Plan Republican Rivers HPP Committee members. Republican Rivers HPP Committee information. Sangre de Cristo HPP Plan Sangre de Cristo HPP Committee members. Sangre de Cristo HPP Committee information. San Juan Basin HPP Plan San Juan Basin HPP Committee members. San Juan Basin HPP Committee information. Montelores HPP Plan Montelores HPP Committee members. Montelores HPP Committee information. HPP Plan San Luis Valley HPP Committee members. San Luis Valley HPP Committee information. Mt. Blanca HPP Plan Mt. Blanca HPP Committee members. Mt. Blanca HPP Committee information. Uncompahgre HPP Plan Uncompahgre HPP Committee members. Uncompahgre HPP Committee information. Gunnison Basin HPP Plan Gunnison Basin HPP Committee members. Gunnison Basin HPP Committee information. Arkansas River HPP Plan Arkansas River HPP Committee members. Arkansas River HPP Committee information. Northern Larimer County HPP Plan Northern Larimer County HPP Committee members. Northern Larimer County HPP Committee information. North Fork of the Gunnison HPP Plan North Fork of the Gunnison HPP Committee members. North Fork of the Gunnison HPP Committee information. South Park HPP Plan South Park HPP Committee members. South Park HPP Committee information. Grand Mesa HPP Plan Grand Mesa HPP Committee members. Grand Mesa HPP Committee information. Lower Colorado River HPP Plan Lower Colorado River HPP Committee members. Lower Colorado River HPP Committee information. Middle Park HPP Plan Middle Park HPP Committee members. Middle Park HPP Committee information. Upper Yampa River HPP Plan Upper Yampa River HPP Committee members. Upper Yamp River HPP Committee information. White River HPP Plan White River HPP Committee members. White river HPP Committee information. North Park HPP Plan North Park HPP Committee members. North Park HPP Committee information. Northwestern Colorado HPP Plan Northwestern Colorado HPP Committee members. Northwestern Colorado HPP Committee information.

Additional HPP Program Information

Contact a nearby Colorado Parks and Wildlife office or a local committee CPW representative if you have questions or need more information about the Habitat Partnership Program, or if you have other wildlife-related questions.

Proposal Applications

Annual Reports

Each annual report consists of a cover memo, a list of project cooperators and one of accomplishments, committee finances, costs and hours by GBL, and a glossary of terms and abbreviations used in the reports.

Resources for Landowners