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Law Enforcement
Law Enforcement
Colorado Parks & Wildlife Officers

​​​​​​​What is its purpose? 

Colorado Wildlife Officer badgeThe Colorado Parks and Wildlife is charged by statute to protect, preserve, enhance, and manage wildlife for the use, benefit and enjoyment of the people of this state and its visitors. The creation of regulations by the Parks and Wildlife Commission and the enforcement of season dates, bag limits, and license requirements facilitate wildlife management objectives such as: 

  • ​​Determining the numbers and types of wildlife taken

  • Providing opportunities to hunt, fish, or engage in other wildlife-related recreation

If everyone followed the rules, enforcement efforts would be unnecessary, but laws for some people are only effective to the extent they are enforced. Without law enforcement, effective wildlife management would not be possible. Without wildlife management, Colorado’s abundant and diverse wildlife populations would not exist.

How to Contact a District Wildlife Manager 

Colorado Wildlife Officers work on a rotating on-call schedule. If you have a wildlife emergency, you can reach a District Wildlife Manager (DWM) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Most officers are dispatched through Colorado State Patrol, or your local Sheriff’s Department.