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Participant Information
Participant Information
River Watch Program

Documents and Data sheets​

Find all River Watch general information, data sheets, program forms, River Watch Sample Plan, Standard Operating Procedures, Quality Assurance and Control Plan, Data Management Plan and related documents at the River Watch of Colorado website.​

River Watch Volunteer Group Profiles

River Watch volunteer groups are diverse including middle school, high school, college, private, charter, public, home school, informal education groups, individuals, municipalities, stake holder groups, nonprofits, agencies and industry.   We invite each group to share a profile of their River Watch team, how they operate the program and favorite aspects in our River Watch Volunteer profiles. To view volunteer group profiles, please visit the River Watch of Colorado website.

How to Volunteer

River Watch volunteers come in all shapes and sizes. School groups, watershed monitoring groups, community groups and individuals all serve as watershed stewardship volunteers.Some groups monitor multiple sites on as many rivers; others focus on one specific site in their region. The common link between them all is their appreciation and dedication to the waters of Colorado. If you have the sincere interest and desire to become a River Watch volunteer, we welcome your efforts and will do all we can to assist you in starting your program!

Because of the nature of our programs adherence to scientific methodologies, volunteers are required to commit to sampling once a month on their respective site for a continuous year. River Watch staff will provide training and equipment to the volunteer and provide continuous support and supplies to ensure your program’s success.

If you are interested in contributing to the knowledge and decisions made on your watersheds, contact us at or call us at (303) 291-7322.​