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Resource Stewardship
Resource Stewardship
San Luis State Park mountains and lake in winter

Helping Parks Run Smoothly

​​​​​​​​​​State Parks Resource Stewardship Section is a statewide internal service group that is tasked with providing biological and mapping information to Parks' field staff. The focus of the advice is on: 

  • ​Appropriately conserving natural and cultural resources

  • Making recreation sustainable

  • Providing proper clearance procedures for new development

Resource Stewardship produces tools to help park staff better manage the natural resources at the park. We work closely with staff and qualified consultants to develop mini-management plans titled Best Management Practices and Resource Prescriptions. These documents provide reliable and specific solutions to common park problems! 

Created in 1999, Resource Stewardship's program goals have been to provide direction for the protection of the natural resources in the foreseeable future and to provide park staff with the appropriate tools to effectively conserve natural resources. Stewardship is responsible for performing baseline inventories on parks and cataloging natural resources, writing Park Stewardship Plans, problem solving for park staff and developing educational and resource materials for the public.

​​Main Focus​

The main focus areas include: 

The Stewardship team works closely with park staff and specialists to survey parks, keep updated records of natural resources and man-made structures within parks, produce educational information and problem solving guidebooks and create professional quality GIS maps.


Geographical Infor​​mation Systems

GIS is a major component of our ​development planning process, threatened and endangered species review process, and resource inventory. 

For State Parks Boundary GIS files, please visit ArcGIS Online using these instructions.

 Firewood Warning


Help protect our public lands by buying firewood near your destination campground. 

If you have brought firewood from another state, please contact the Department of Agriculture immediately for instructions on how to dispose of it. For more information, call 303-869​​-9076 or em​ail​.


​Join the stewardship team and help us protect the most beautiful places in Colorado!

We need volunteers to perform noxious weed mapping, raptor monitoring and nest mapping, various resource monitoring activities and many other tasks at our 42 State Parks across Colorado.  Contact Stewardship for more information.