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Sportsmen's Roundtable and Caucuses
Sportsmen's Roundtable and Caucuses
Tarryall Reservoir angler and moose
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Colorado Parks and Wildlife depends on feedback and advice from our state’s hunters and anglers to make the best decisions about the management of fish, wildlife, and habitat. In order to discuss issues and gather ideas, CPW convenes a statewide Sportsmen’s Roundtable and regional Sportsmen’s Caucus meetings. The Sportsmen’s Roundtable includes 24 people representing hunters and anglers from all over the state. The regional Sportsmen’s Caucuses are open to any local hunter and provide a forum for discussing more local issues. 
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​Attend a Regional Caucus Meeting:  CPW is hosting regional caucus meetings around the state to discuss important issues with local hunters and anglers. 

Delegates were elected for each region in February and early March 2013. Upcoming meetings around the state will be announced when they are available.

For more information about the Sportsmen’s Roundtable and Regional Caucus meetings, see the Fact Sheet or contact Jody Kennedy at or 303-366-3203​ x 4671.


​Next meetingJune 20, Denver Colorado
​Previous meetings​​


​Northwest Colorado​​

​​Next meeting 
To be announced

​​Delegates ​​

James Spehar
​Jason Eckman
​Kristin Nestor
​Kenny Marcella
​Terry Meyers
​Rob Winn​


​Southwest Colorado​

​Next meetingTo be announced

​​Delegates ​​​

​Kevin Alexander
​Mia Anstine
​Ty Churchwell
​Mick Davis
​Dan Parkinson
​Mike Rivera
​Ray David
​​​Hody Ewing​


Northeast Colorado​​​

​Next meeting​Tuesday, June 9, 2015, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Hunter Education Building, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, 6060 Broadway, Denver

Anyone interested in wildlife management and the future of wildlife in Colorado is encouraged to attend the meeting and participate in discussions about financial sustainability, the various methods for engaging with CPW and the Parks and Wildlife Commission, as well as review the results of a recent survey for northeastern sportsmen. Attendees are welcome and invited to bring their concerns to the meeting as well. Input from this meeting will be brought to the attention of the statewide Sportsmen’s Roundtable meeting in Denver June 20.​

​​Delegates ​​​

​Mikk Anderson
​​Tim Brass
​Thomas Brown
​Gregg Sults
​Kent Ingram
​​Bob Hix

Southeast Color​​ado​

​Next meetingTo be announced

Delegates ​

Catherine O'Grady​
​Rob Patch
​Jeff Travis
​Bruce Hutcheon
​​John Thatcher