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State Wildlife Action Plan
State Wildlife Action Plan

​​​Colorado's State Wildlife Action Plan

On behalf of the citizens of Colorado and the conservation partners throughout the state, CPW has recently submitted a Final Draft of the State Wildlife Action Plan (SWAP) to the US Fish and Wildlife Service for their approval.

Lynx kitten.

The SWAP identifies the top priority species and habitats that need conservation efforts in the state, and the potential conservation actions that can address the threats these species and habitats face. Ultimately, the SWAP should be used by everyone in Colorado as a guide for planning, partnership building, and project design and implementation. Thus, it is truly a strategy for all of Colorado. 

The Action Plan is not an Endangered Species Recovery Plan, nor other type of regulatory or “decision” document. Its purpose is to convey the state’s wildlife conservation needs in order to foster greater consistency in conservation efforts among all members of Colorado’s wildlife conservation community and others with a stake in Colorado wildlife conservation. The Action Plan provides references and internet links to the more specific conservation, recovery, or other action pl​ans for numerous species and groups of species in Colorado.

The links below provide access to the submitted Final Draft. This version is not yet officially signed and approved, and we hope to receive final approval in the coming months. In the meantime, we want to make the documents available to you.

Recommended citation: Colorado Parks and Wildlife. 2015 (In Review). State Wildlife Action Plan: A Strategy for Conserving Wildlife in Colorado. Denver, Colorado.