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Strategic Plan
Strategic Plan
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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Colorado Parks and Wildlife 2015 Strategic Plan

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission adopted the 2015 CPW Strategic Plan on November 19, 2015.  This Plan sets a high-level vision, overarching goals, objectives, and strategies that will guide CPW's work into the future. The plan reflects a shared vision that was developed with extensive input from citizens of Colorado, including individuals who utilize CPW services, the Parks and Wildlife Commission, and CPW's dedicated staff.

CPW extends enormous appreciation to everyone who participated in a public workshop, attended an open house, joined a telephone town hall and/ or submitted comments to inform the 2015 Strategic Plan.

FY 2016-2017 Progress Report

To implement the Plan, CPW developed a two-year operational plan for FY 2016-17 and FY 2017-18, with actionable targets, indicators, and benchmarks. This annual report​ provides a snapshot of CPW’s work by highlighting our progress on 44 indicators after the first year (half-way point) of implementing the 2016-2018 Operational Plan. As we complete the 2016-2018 Operational Plan, we will further evaluate our performance to inform the development of the next two-year operational plan.

Development of the 2015 Strategic Plan​

The Plan is a living document that will be updated as needed. The plan outlines goals, objectives and strategies that will guide the creation and execution of operation and implementation plans.

The Plan reflects what CPW heard from stakeholders, the public, staff, and the Commission throughout a year long planning process. In addition, the plan builds upon recent planning and research​ efforts. Summaries of this research and the statewide engagement process are provided below. 

Statewide Engagement

draft 2015 CPW Strategic Plan​​ was presented to the Parks and Wildlife Commission​ on August 6, 2015. With its release, CPW held a 30-day public comment period and encouraged interested public to give feedback. The comment period closed September 14. During the draft plan comment period, CPW sought feedback from people across the state through our website, press releases and four open houses (​​​Colorado Springs, Firestone, Glenwood Springs, Alamosa). CPW received about 30 comments on the draft plan. CPW summarized these comments and considered them in developing the final draft strategic plan. CPW presented a summary of comments received along with a final draft plan to the Parks and Wildlife Commission on November 19. At this meeting, the Commission adopted the plan as final.

In order to inform development of the draft plan, CPW held a two-month statewide engagement process between February and early April 2015. ​The goal of this engagement was to hear from stakeholders, general public and staff about thei​​r priorities for CPW over the next 10 to 20 years. CPW provided public and staff comment forms, hosted 16 workshops around the state, held a telephone town hall, and invited comments via voicemail and email. The Public and Staff Engagement Report summarized the input received throughout the engagement phase and was presented to the Parks and Wildlife Commission.  This provided the base for the Commission to develop draft goals in a workshop on May 5 and during the regular Commission meeting on May 6. 

Thank you to all who took time to participate and help inform the development of the 2015 CPW Strategic Plan.

Public comment form

CPW offered a comment form for individuals to share feedback on Colorado State Parks, wildlife management, outdoor recreation, and education and outreach.  Links to the public comment form were included in press releases, email announcements, fliers, social media posts and on the CPW homepage. The public comment form was available in English and in Spanish. More than 4,700 people responded to the comment form. A summary of the comments we received can be seen in the Public and Staff Engagement Report. ​

Public workshops

CPW held 11 public workshops in Fort Collins, Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Lamar, Salida, Durango, Montrose, Grand Junction and Steamboat Springs. All meetings were open to the public and registration was not required. Across the 11 public strategic planning workshops, 359 individuals participated to help inform the draft Plan. At the workshops, staff asked participants to consider and share their ideas for how CPW can be successful over the next 10 to 20 years. Outcomes from these workshops can be found in the Public and Staff Engagement Report.

​Telephone town hall

On March 19th, a total of 100,000 randomly selected individuals were called and invited to join an hour-long discussion and question-and-answer session regarding the 2015 Colorado Parks and Wildlife Strategic Plan. Information on how to join the call was also made pu​​blicly available on the CPW Strategic Plan website. The telephone town hall had 13,588 participants for part or all of the hour-long call.​  All members of the public were invited to join the call to ask questions, share ideas about the planning process, and take part in live polling.

​​​​​Current Information​

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