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Colorado State Trails Committee
Colorado State Trails Committee

​​​​​​​​​​​The committee is an advisory board that is a requirement for the federal funds the Trails Program receives. This committee makes decisions on trails-related issues statewide as well as recommends the funding for annual trail grant awards. The State Trails Committee works in conjunction with the Parks and Wildlife Commission​.​

​​​​​​​​The roles of the State Trails Committee (STC) are to:

  • Advise Colorado State Parks' State Trails Program on strategic and policy issues.
  • Review trail grant procedures and funding programs.
  • Provide a liaison with trail user groups.
  • Help plan and participate in the Colorado Trails Symposium and other events.

The nine Trails Committee members are volunteers, one from each of Colorado's Congressional Districts, one At-Large Representative and one GOCO Representative. They serve four-year terms and may be reappointed to a second, four-year term. Members represent a wide variety of trail interests, (motorized and non-motorized) with the goal of working cooperatively for trails and greenways throughout the state.

Please send all public comments and messages to All comments will be provided to the State Trails Committee member(s).

2014 State Recreational Trails Committee Roster


Kristina Kibler
1st Term Expiration: 06/30/2017

District 1
Rec. Trail Planning-Support Grant
Review Subcommittee Chair

Christian Meyer
1st Term Expiration:  06/30/2017

District 2
STC Committee Chair
OHV Subcommittee Non-motorized
STC Designee

Dustin Wilkinson
1st  Term Expiration: 06/30/2016

District 3
OHV Designee
OHV Subcommittee Chair

Gary Buffington
Term Expiration: 06/30/2015

District 4
Local Government Designee

Bill Koerner
1st Term Expiration: 06/30/2017

District 5
Rec. Trail Small Construction/Maintenance Review Subcommittee Chair

Karen Christopherson
Term Expiration: 06/30/2015

District 6

John Marriott
2nd Term Expiration: 06/30/2017

District 7
OHV Subcommittee Vice-Chair
Multiple-Use STC Designee

Janelle Kukuk
1st Term Expiration 06/30/2016

At Large
Snowmobile Designee
STC Committee Vice Chair
Snowmobile Representative
Snowmobile Subcommittee Chair

Matthew Sugar
1st Term Expiration: 06/30/2017

GOCO Representative
Rec. Trail Large Construction/Maintenance Review Subcommittee Chair