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Non-Motorized Grant Submissions
Non-Motorized Grant Submissions
Hikers at Eldorado State Park.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Grant Applications Are Available for Review

The 2018-2019 Non-Motorized grant applications are posted below for public review. Comments can be emailed to

Deadline for public comment is December 21, 2018

The State Recreational Trails Committee and its grant review and ranking subcommittees will be meeting to review these grant applications in the coming months. These meetings are open to the public and provide a platform for verbal comments on the applications. Specific information will be posted on the Trails News page.

2018-19 Grant Submission​ Summaries

Large Maintenance/Construction Grants

1. Magic Meadows Trails, Phase II

2. Sheep Draw Trail

3. Buena Vista Area Trails

4. Divide Ranger District Trails Crews

5. Signal Peak Trail System

6. Partnership for Stewardship 2019-2020

7. Fall River Trail, Phase II

8. Devil's Playground Trail, Phase I

9. Overland Recreation Area Trail

Small Maintenance/Construction Grants

1. Boggy Draw Trail Expansion

2. Monarch Crest Maintenance

3. Fraser Valley Trail Smart Sizing Project

Planning or Support Grants

1. La Veta Trails Master Plan

2. Spring Valley Trails Plan

3. North Elk Creek Trail Phase Plan

4. Trail Training Innovations

5. Training, Tools and Leaders

2018-19 Grant Submission​ Summaries​​

Large Construction/Maintenance Grants

Small Construction/Maintenance Grants

  1. Peak and Prairie Grand Loop
  2. 2018 COPMOBA Regional Trails Planning
  3. Shavano Gateway Cultural Resource Clearance​
  4. Georgetown Greenway Trail
  5. North Fruita Desert Trails Master Plan
  6. Alma Riverwalk Design
  7. Waldo Canyon Trail
  8. Loop to Gateway Trail
  9. LoVa Canyon Creek Plan​
  10. Bear Creek Pedestrian Trail
  11. Trails Master Plan Scoping Project
  12. Boulder Area Trails Mobile Application​​

​​​​​Past Non-Motorized Recreational Trails Grant​s

​​​​​​Non-Motorized Recreational Trails Grant Submissions

The mission of C​​PW’s Trails Program is to be the major facilitator in accomplishing the following visions for trails in Colorado through promoting understanding and stewardship of Colorado’s outdoors by providing opportunities for the public use and support of Colorado’s diverse system of trails. 

  • Colorado’s trail system will allow Coloradans to experience the state’s diverse landscapes in a range of ways.

  • Trails are developed with sensitivity to the environment and in ways they complement other lands (e.g., people can use trails to commute to work or school or get other places they want to go).

  • Trails are well maintained.

  • Conflict among trail users and impacts to trail settings are minimized through design, management, and education.

  • The public has access to maps and other information they need to find the trail experiences they seek.

  • The system is a collaborative effort among public and private entities, with the State Trails Program providing leadership in accomplishing this vision.​​