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Volunteers on Trails Day at Trinidad State Park

​​​​​​​​​​​The Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) Volunteer Program will inspire and foster active stewardship for Colorado’s natural resources through the meaningful engagement and integration of diverse volunteers, partners and CPW staff. CPW will be seen as the primary opportunity for natural resource volunteers and the CPW Volunteer Program will help the agency meet its mission in a financially sustainable manner.

Volunteers at CPW's 2012 Elk Fest table.In 2013, volunteers helped achieve this mission by contributing nearly 300,000 hours of service to our agency. Volunteers play an essential role in achieving a high quality of outdoor recreation experiences, resource stewardship, wildlife projects, and habitat protection. We need your help as a volunteer to increase the public's understanding of conservation and natural resources.

If you like to spend time in the great outdoors and you care about our natural resources, Colorado Parks and Wildlife is for you! Volunteers differ in their degrees of commitment and types of service. They differ in their donation of time, materials, expertise and even monies. Depending upon your interests and Colorado Parks and Wildlife's needs, we will try and match you to the location and volunteer opportunity of your choice.

Volunteers working in the field at Staunton State Park. Learn more about the hands-on learning and community involvement opportunities and how you can get involved. At this time, two volunteer programs are available: State Parks and Wildlife. If you are interested, you can even apply to volunteer for both programs!

Thank you for your interest in supporting the stewardship of Colorado’s natural resources.