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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Current Volunteer Opportunities

Colorado Parks and Wildlife volunteers serve in a variety of roles. These include resident hosts, naturalists, interpreters, special project volunteers, injured wildlife transport, researchers, maintenance/trail workers, biologist assistants, and much more.

The following list represents the most popular volunteer opportunities available, and the descriptions below may change depending upon needs.

Find CPW Volunteer Opportunities​ (online database) available now!​

Resident Hosting​

Park Reside​​​n​t & Campground Host

Campground hosts help keep CPW Parks running smoothly.

  • Greet and assist campers with information about the park and facilities

  • Collect fees and dispense park information at an entrance station

  • Camp hosts at John Martin Reservoir.

    ​Assist in daily campground operations, posting campground reservations, and other ​campground programs

  • Clean campsites, bathrooms, and laundry facilities and assist with light maintenance

  • Reside on site at least 20 hours per week

Wildlife Area & Hatchery Host

  • Dispense state wildlife area information about pertinent rules, regulations, facilities, and recreational opportunities in the area 

  • Lead educational programs at hatcheries 

  • Clean bathrooms and other areas as needed

  • Assist with light maintenance

Participating State Wildlife Areas (SWAs) & Hatcheries: 


  • Volunteers running a ​Naturalists present park and wildlife interpretive and educational programs such as campfire talks, nature walks, hatchery and museum tours, living history programs, and backcountry. 

  • Direct educational and interpretive programs

  • Lead public workshops and classes

  • Support staff in educational endeavors and programming 

  • Teach hunting, fishing, and outdoor skills

Maintenance & Construction 

  • Lory State Park volunteers building a bridge.Repair and construct fences 

  • Assist with the construction, renovation, and maintenance of trails 

  • Clean up grounds and facilities

  • Perform special or seasonal maintenance tasks as needed (for example: boat dock repair)

  • Complete carpentry, remodeling or other construction projects 

  • Provide landscape design expertise

  • Create informational signs 

  • Assist with minor vehicle/boat/equipment repairs and maintenance

​Biology & Resource Stewardship

  • Volunteers important environmental perameters.Participate in Raptor Monitoring Citizen Science Program​​​

  • Assist staff in reclamation projects or wildlife habitat improvements

  • Collect data and monitor wildlife and habitat (for example: wildlife counts and habitat monitoring)

  • Monitor air and water quality or other important environmental parameters

  • Participate in weed control efforts

  • Interview or observe visitors for visitor use survey

  • Conduct oral history interviews and other historical and natural historical research

  • Serve as a natural areas steward

  • Update and maintain artifact collection, botanical and educational specimen collections, and slide files 

​Special Projects 

  • ​Develop outdoor interpretive signs for self-guiding trails or roadside exhibitsVolunteers releasing Chukar.

  • Coordinate volunteer resources

  • Photograph or video tape park and wildlife programs, special events, visitors, or resources

  • Assist in planning volunteer recognition or social events

  • Train other volunteers

  • Provide equipment, donated funds, or expertise on special projects 

  • Design and create puppets and historical costumes

  • Transport sick or injured wildlife

​Customer Service

  • Answer phones, file, database entry, provide office support and other clerical tasks

  • Provide computer training, trouble-shooting, or computer program design

  • Staff a visitor center information desk or customer service office

  • Inventory, organize, and maintain assets and resourcesVolunteer manning Castlewood Canyon booth.

  • Help coordinate special events

  • Prepare exhibits, displays, and assist with trade show events 

  • Help market and advertise programs

  • Write and edit newsletters, brochures, fact sheets, and manuals

  • Produce artwork or graphic design for publications, signs, flyers, or exhibits

  • Collect fees and dispense information at state park entrance stations 

Group Opportunities

  • Eagle scouts volunteering.This includes boy scouts, girl scouts, corporations, 4-H clubs, school community service groups, church groups, environmental groups and so forth. 

  • Duties are usually project specific and will be designed around the interests of the group as well as the needs of the park or program.