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Colorado Outdoors
Colorado Outdoors
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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Colorado Outdoors Magazine

Did you know Colorado has the largest elk herd in the world? Did you know Colorado is the only state where you can buy an over-the-counter bull elk license? Colorado Outdoors magazine will keep you up-to-date on all the opportunities available to you and your hunting buddies. Don’t flounder around looking for the best spots to fish. Colorado Outdoors is a must-read if you’re seeking a high-country angling experience or fishing the state’s plains reservoirs.

For over 70 years, Colorado Outdoors has been the official publication of Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) and the only magazine dedicated to Colorado’s wildlife. And now when you subscribe, you get your choice of either a free hunting guide or fishing guide. These special annual editions are packed with a wealth of information you need to know to be a more successful hunter or angler.

We offer insight into our wildlife resources as well as providing up-to-date coverage of hunting, fishing and wildlife management. You get valuable advice from CPW experts, information that you can’t get anywhere else. You’ll read about recovery efforts of some of our endangered species. Plus you’ll learn about environmental news, watchable wildlife events, volunteer opportunities, state fishing records and much more. Subscribe today!

10 Reasons to subscribe to Colorado Outdoors 

  1. Each one-year subscription entitles you to six issues.

  2. Subscribers get their choice of either the Fishing Guide or the Hunting Guide. These 40-page special editions sell for $5 on the newsstand and you get your choice of one absolutely free.

  3. Learn high-performance hunting tips for a more successful hunt. 

  4. Annual Preference Point issue is a must-have tool in planning your big game hunt.

  5. Expert advice on cold- and warm-water fishing.

  6. Award-winning wildlife photography, including annual photography issue.

  7. A great way to introduce your children to wildlife and the outdoors.

  8. A valuable reference guide for classrooms and libraries.

  9. Makes a great gift

  10. Never any advertising

Colorado Outdoors Online

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is proud to announce the debut of Colorado Outdoors Online. With a primary emphasis on fishing and hunting, Colorado Outdoors Online uses the latest Web-based media, featuring informative blogs, videos, photo essays and audio podcasts to help hunters and anglers get the most out of their outdoor experience.  Check it out today!