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Park Entrance Pass Information
Park Entrance Pass Information
All Colorado State Parks have entrance fees. All vehicles are required to have an entrance pass and some parks have walk-in fees.

Parks Pass Fees are Changing in 2019

With the passage of Senate Bill 18-143​​, CPW is able to adjust pricing to meet the pressures of increased management costs and resource usage across the state. These adjustments allow the agency to continue our​ conservation mission, while also ensuring transparency and accountability in working to achieve the ten key goals laid ou​t in the bill. ​​​​​​​​​​​​

Daily, annual and walk-in park pass fees are changing in 2019. Learn more about the 2019 park pass ​fee adjustments​ and visit our Future Generations Act Frequently Asked Questions page​ for additional information​.


​​2018 Park Pass Updates

In 2018, park passes will have a new look and feel and will need to be displayed on or in your vehicle as detailed below.

How to Attach Your Park Pass to Your Vehicle

​​Annual and Aspen Leaf Passes

All annual passes (including replacements and multiples), Aspen Leaf Annual Passes (including replacements and multiples), and Aspen Leaf Lifetime Free Passes must be permanently affixed to the customer's vehicle.

Customers who purchase an Annual Pass will be provided a plastic ​sticker to affix their pass to their vehicle as described in the How​ to Affix Your ​Sticker ​Park Pass ​I​nstructions​​.

Centennial, Columbine, and August Military Passes

Since these passes are associated to an individual, not a vehicle, they may be moved from car-to-car as long as the passholder is present.

Customers who purchase a Centennial, Col​umbine, or August Military pass will be provided a reusable hang tag to display their pass.​​ The pass can be secured in the hang tag by tucking the corners into the corner slits. For increased stability, passes can be taped to the hang tag. ​​​

Online Purchases

To learn more about creating an account, or how to buy a parks pass​ in our new integrated purchasing system​, please visit our online purchasing FAQs page​.​


​Which Parks Pass is right for you? 

Click on the parks pass name to learn about purchasing requirements and options (including replacing lost or damaged passes). 

Daily Passes

Annual Passes

  • Annual Parks Pass - $70 per vehicle. Our Annual Pass can now be purchased at any time of year and is valid for a full 12 months of use. The pass is good through the last day of the month, one year from purchase. Purchase it online today! 

  • Annual Multiple Pass - $35 per vehicle.  After purchase of Annual Pass, vehicles in same household are eligible for a discounted multiple pass. 

  • Aspen Leaf Pass - $60 per vehicle (CO Residents 64 years or older). The Aspen Leaf pass is available for purchase at any time of year and is valid for 12 months from date of purchase. 

  • Aspen Leaf Multiple Pass​ - $30 per vehicle.  After purchase of Aspen Annual Pass, senior must be in whole or part owner of additional vehicles to be eligible for a discounted multiple pass.  

​Specialty Passes and Plates​

*In addition to the cost listed above, for entrance to Cherry Creek State Park, an annual $3 water basin authority pass is also required. 

​Where can you purchase your park pass?

​Discounts for buying in large quantities

​Annual vehicle passes that are purchased in large quantities (at least 20) during a single sales transaction at a state park facility may receive the following discounts:

  • If you purchase 20-49 passes = 20% discount 
  • If you purchase 50-99 passes = 25% discount 
  • If you purchase 100+ passes = 30% discount 
*Aspen Leaf Passes are not available for bulk order d​​iscounts.

Customers wishing to get the quantity discount should contact their local CPW office or park​ for additional information. Customers will need to provide the license plate numbers and state for each pass they wish to purchase.