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Colorado West Slope Mule Deer Strategy Summit
Colorado West Slope Mule Deer Strategy Summit
Mule Deer

​​​Why Have a Summit?

Across the Western U.S., state wildlife agencies are seeing declines in mule deer populations. In recent years, mule deer populations in Colorado have decreased in several areas on the West Slope, including the White River National Forest. This spring, Colorado Parks and Wildlife embarked on a process to bring together sportsmen, landowners, outfitters, biologists, wildlife managers, other state agencies, federal agencies, local elected officials and other interested members of the public to address declining mule deer. On behalf of CPW, The Keystone center facilitated seven public meetings, including two on Colorado's Front Range and five on the West Slope, to discuss the issues facing mule deer and possible solutions to inform the development of a West Slope Mule Deer Strategy. If you have comments on the Draft Colorado West Slope Mule Deer Strategy, please Email them to Jody Kennedy at

The Story of Colorado's Mule DeerThe Story of Colorado's Mule Deer

They’ve got big ears. They bound around on spring-loaded legs. Tourists love to see them. Hunters enjoy the sport they offer and the meat they provide for the table. They live throughout Colorado and are a valuable part of Colorado’s wildlife heritage. They’re mule deer, the iconic deer of the American West. ownload ​a PDF version of The Story of Colorado's Mule Deer.

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Colorado Parks & Wildlife Commission Meeting Update

TOPIC: Mule Deer Strategy: Summary of Public Input: Julie Shapiro, Brooke Trainum: The Keystone Center. Update provided at the July 2014 Commission Meeting