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Anthony Dean Apa
Anthony Dean Apa

​​​​​​​Avian Researcher, Sage-grouse

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Contact Info

Office: 711 Independent Avenue
Grand Junction, CO  81505
Phone: 970.255.6196
Cell: 970.640.1671


Ph.D., Forestry, Wildlife, and Range Sciences — University of Idaho, 1999

M.S., Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences — South Dakota State University, 1985

B.S., Wildlife Biology — University of Montana, 1981

Current or Recent Positions

Avian Researcher — Colorado Parks and Wildlife, 1999-Present

Current or Recent Research Projects

  • Juvenile dispersal of greater sage-grouse

  • Greater sage-grouse wild brood augmentation with captive-reared chicks

  • Gunnison sage-grouse captive-rearing

  • Demographic response of Columbian sharp-tailed grouse to habitat improvements

Areas of Interest, Expertise

  • Avian ecology and local scale habitat use

  • Upland bird ecology and local scale habitat use

Selected Publications

Rice, M.B., A.D. Apa, M.L. Phillips, J.H. Gammonley, B.D. Petch, and K. Eichhoff.  2013.  Analysis of regional species distribution models based on radio-telemetry datasets from multiple small-scale studies.  Journal of Wildlife Management 77:821-831.

Walsh, D.P., J.R. Stiver, G.C. White, T.E. Remington, and A.D. Apa. 2010. Population estimation techniques for lekking species. Journal of Wildlife Management 74:1607-1613.

Stiver, J. R., A. D. Apa, T. E. Remington, and R. M. Gibson.  2008.  Polygyny and female breeding failure reduce effective population size in the lekking Gunnison sage-grouse.  Biological Conservation 141:472-481.

Stiver, S.J., A.D. Apa, J.R. Bohne, S.D. Bunnell, P.A. Deibert, S.C. Gardner, M.A. Hilliard, C.W. McCarthy, and M.A. Schroeder. 2006. Greater sage-grouse comprehensive conservation strategy. Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies.  Unpublished Report. Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Hausleitner, D., K.P. Reese, and A.D. Apa. 2005. Timing of vegetation sampling at greater sage-grouse nests. Rangeland Ecology & Management 58:553-556.

Oyler-McCance, S.J., J. St. John, S.E. Taylor, A.D. Apa, and T.W. Quinn. 2005. Population genetics of Gunnison sage-grouse: Implications for management. Journal of Wildlife Management 69:630-637.

Schroeder, M.A., C.L. Aldridge, A.D. Apa, J.R. Bohne, C.E. Braun, S.D. Bunnell, J.W. Connelly, P.A. Deibert, S.C. Gardner, M.A. Hilliard, G.D. Kobriger, S.M. McAdam, C.W. McCarthy, D.L. Mitchell, E.V. Rickerson, and S.J. Stiver. 2004. Distribution of the sage-grouse in North America. Condor 106:363-376.

Connelly, J.W., A.D. Apa, R.B. Smith, and K.P. Reese. 2000. Effects of predation and hunting on adult sage grouse Centrocercus urophasianus in Idaho. Wildlife Biology 6:227-232.​

Apa, A.D. K.P. Reese, and J.W. Connelly, Jr. 1997. An evaluation of nest placement theory using artificial and Columbian sharp-tailed grouse Tympanchus phasianellus columbianus nests. Wildlife Biology 3:278.​