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Avian Research
Avian Research


​​The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Avian Research Section conducts original research on the ecology and management of birds and their habitats. ​Emphasis is on addressing information needs for bird species of high management priority in the state of Colorado. 

The program seeks to: 

  • Acquire new knowledge on bird ecology

  • Develop and assess bird-monitoring efforts

  • Develop and evaluate bird conservation programs in Colorado​​

Avian Researchers work to: 

  • Synthesize existing information

  • Produce new information/knowledge

  • Interpret information

  • Facilitate integrating information into agency programs and decisions that affect hunted, non-hunted, and threatened and endangered birds

The program routinely contributes original articles to the peer-reviewed ecological and wildlife science literature. Avian Research personnel also serve on various committees and working groups with other partners (state, federal, and local governments, and non-governmental organizations) in bird research and conservation.