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Boreal Surveying Slide Show
Boreal Surveying Slide Show

Procedures for Monitoring and Surveying Boreal Toad Populations

The Boreal Toad Recovery Team coordinates conservation and recovery efforts for the boreal toad (Bufo boreas), an endangered amphibian in Colorado. Each year, a great deal of fieldwork is required to assess the status of known populations and to survey potential habitat for additional toad populations. The purpose of the slide show, Procedures for Monitoring and Surveying Boreal Toad Populations, is to provide information to field personnel to help them perform this work efficiently and safely.

About This Slide Show

Field personnel should review the material in this slide show before beginning their fieldwork. The slide show is divided into an introduction and six sections. All field personnel should review sections 1 through 4:

  1. Decontaminating boots and equipment
  2. Monitoring breeding sites
  3. Surveying amphibian habitats
  4. Collecting samples for disease testing

If your fieldwork will involve PIT-tagging or egg and tadpole collection for the Native Aquatic Species Restoration Facility (NASRF hatchery), also review Sections 5 (PIT-tagging) and 6 (Egg and tadpole collection).


Slide show by Lauren J. Livo. Photos copyright by Lauren J. Livo and Steve Wilcox. The contents of this slide show were reviewed by Mark S. Jones, Cindy Carey, Chuck Loeffler, Kathy Foster, Tina Jungwirth, Erin Muths, and Kevin Rogers.

Navigating This Slide Show

The slide show contains 71 slides. Use a mouse or the arrow keys to move forward or backward in this presentation.  To select topics represented by underlined text, use the mouse.  You may exit the slide show at any time by pressing the ESC button on your keyboard.