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CWD Submission
CWD Submission
Whitetail Deer Doe

​​​Requirements and Guidelines

For 2017, testing is MANDATORY for the following: all rifle season buck hunters licensed for Game Management Units (GMU) 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 19, 20, 22, 23, 24, 33, 61, 62, 64, 65, 131, 191, 211, and 231 who harvest a buck are required to submit their deer head or have a CWD sample taken. In addition, all deer hunters in GMU 33 who harvest a deer of either sex are required to submit their deer head or have a CWD sample taken.   CWD Testing Cover

For important season and animal part requirements, as well as guidelines to ensure suitable samples, see CWD Testing Information. Read more in the mandatory CWD testing ​frequently asked questions​​.​​​


  • Testing is for CWD screening only and does not assure the absolute safety of meat for human consumption.
  • No test can assure complete accuracy, and "not detected" results don't exclude the possibility of early stage CWD. ​

​​​Locat​ions and Hours​​​​ ​

You can take heads or tissue samples to a CPW office submission site or a participating veterinarian. Submission Locations Cover

Submitters MUST bring with them:

  • Your license so that CPW can scan the bar code and obtain your address and phone number 
  • Kill site coordinates or be able to show it on a map
  • The unit and date of harvest
  • If someone else submits your animal, they must bring your CID number, but you should keep your license

​When Can I Expect My Results?

  • Please plan to allow at least 3-4 weeks (15-20 business days) from the date a head is submitted for results to become available.

  • ​Because moose samples are tested differently than deer and elk, their initial results may not be available for 15-20 working days or more.

  • Hunters whose animals test positive are contacted. If you don't get test results more than three weeks (15 working days) after submission, call a CPW office. ​

​What Happens if my Animal Tests Positive?

  • Hunters whose deer, elk or moose test positive for CWD are eligible for a license fee refund or an antlerless license

  • If antlerless hunting isn't offered in that unit, CPW can designate a substitute unit. 

  • If the hunting season has ended or there's not a reasonable amount of time left in the current season, CPW may issue an antlerless license for the next year's season in the same unit where the animal was killed. 

  • For moose, if the original license was for a season that closed before Oct. 31, the replacement license will be valid until Oct. 31. 

  • When paid, costs for processing CWD-positive animals are refunded. Requests for reimbursements must be made on CPW forms and accompanied by receipts. Reimbursements up to $50 for processing allowed without receipts. Reimbursements for deer and elk are limited to $100 per animal for private processing or $200 per animal for commercial processing. The maximum allowed for commercial processing of moose is $250. 

CWD Sampling Demonstration

Watch the "Chronic Wasting Disease Field Testing Instructions for Hunters" video.​