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Research Center Library
Research Center Library


The primary purpose of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Research Center Library is to access and store information on wildlife conservation and related topics for CPW. This has been accomplished through the creation of a collection containing over 28,000 items. These items include approximately 3700 Colorado Parks and Wildlife publications, 1100 of our researcher’s published articles, 3900 locally-written Federal Aid Reports, 3000 U.S. government documents, 1000 theses, 128 journal titles and over 10,000 other books related to wildlife topics. The information gathered and stored in the Library is to support the work of CPW wildlife biologists, researchers and managers.


​​The Research Library was created in the late 1960s to provide support primarily to the wildlife research sections. The Library evolved to serve the broader information management needs of Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) staff. Library collections are focused on wildlife ecology and associated ecological information and CPW public historical records such as Parks and Wildlife Commission meeting agendas and minutes. Under the capable oversight of past librarians Jackie Boss and Marian Hershcopf, the Library grew into a specialized library having the privileges of being interfaced with large university and other public libraries to better serve the agency. The Library is now adjusting to the digital information age and is expanding on-line capabilities.


Please contact the Research Librarian, Kay Horton Knudsen.