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Software: CPW Photo Warehouse​
Software: CPW Photo Warehouse​
Mule Deer

​​​​​​​​​CPW Photo Warehouse​

Software ScreenshotCPW Photo Warehouse is a custom Microsoft Access application designed to facilitate archiving, identifying, summarizing, and analyzing photo data collected from remote wildlife cameras. You can download and distribute the file under terms of the CPW Reciprocal Open Source License Agreement. See the link below for details. ​Note that you must have a valid Microsoft Access license (2007 or newer) or a copy of the free Microsoft Access Runtime Version (2007 or newer) in order to use this product. ​​For questions or comments contact

New features in CPW Photo Warehouse 4.0:

  • Redesigned Visits form highlights problems caused by missing or incorrect set visit information and allows creating photo id modules by visit

  • More advanced filtering in the PhotoViewer form

  • Ability to tag photos with a rectangle to highlight a particular area (click or click and drag on the image in the Photo ID form to add a tag)

  • Additional subform on the Individual ID form for totals by category (age and sex) that pertain to the entire sequence of images

  • Ability to build detection summary queries based on the sequence data above for calculating relative abundance or density

  • Ability to enter camera location coordinates in UTMs or Lat/Long and convert between the two

  • Ability to build spatial queries and export to kml

  • Ability to assign species to groups (e.g. guilds) for occupancy analysis

Download CPW Photo Warehouse 4.0​​