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Colorado Archery in the Schools Tournament
Colorado Archery in the Schools Tournament
Archery in Schools Tournaments Page

NASP Archery in Schools Program.

Start an Archery Program At Your School

To participate in the Colorado Archery in the Schools program each school must have at least one Basic Archery Instructor (BAI) certified coach. 

​BAI courses are generally 8 hours and happen​ at locations around the state in the fall and winter months. 

For more information, see the Starting an Archery Program at Your School page.


​​2018 Colorado State Archery Tournament 

Tournament Dates: January 16 – February 9, 2018*

Children aiming at targets in school gym.

Our virtual tournament gives every student that participates in NASP® during the school day a chance to compete with other archers. Participants will have the opportunity to qualify for the first ever 2018 WESTERN National Tournament in Sandy, Utah.​

For details about the tournament, see the Tournament Ove​rview​.

  • Registration opens January 8, 2018.
  • Registration closes February 9, 2018.
  • Registration information will be found on this page.
  • Coaches must have a BAI# to gain access to the registration site.
  • Schools participate in the tourna​ment by holding a formal competition during the dates that the State Tournament is open.
  • See the 2018 Official National Archery Tournament Rules​ for how to run the tournament.
  • The registration fee of $2.50 per scored student is payable on-line during registration on the NASP Tournaments website​. Registration will open January 8th!
  • The State Virtual Tournament can be held at your school or in cooperation with other schools.
  • Schools may participate as a team or as individuals and there is no limit on the number that may participate.
  • Scores will be finalized and posted by February 16th.
  • Top scoring teams and individuals will be eligible to compete in the Western National Tournament in Sandy, Utah (near Salt Lake City) this April.
  • Top scoring teams will receive trophies and the top scoring male and female individuals in each division will receive state champion Genesis bows.

*Please note that since the Western Nationals will take place in April, this year’s Colorado State Archery Tournament begins and ends earlier to allow those who qualify to registration for Nationals.

Archery tournament winners  ​