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Be a Hatchery Manager!
Be a Hatchery Manager!

​​​​The Fish Hatchery Game—An Interactive Math & Science Resource  


For Middle and High School Math and Science Educators​

You want your students to be attent​ive, to be engaged by the lesson, and to demonstrate that they understand what you are presenting. Often, however, it may seem that students question whether the concepts and skills you are teaching are worth learning. They ask, “Why do I have to know this?” Or, “What do I need to do to pass the test?” Keeping students excited and motivated is a challenge! We think we have something here that can help.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) employs over 650 employees who use the skills they learned in school—and that you teach your students every day. CPW employees are professionals in the fields of biology, engineering, education, conservation, wildlife research, wildlife law enforcement, management, and more. Separated by distance but united by a passion for wildlife, they live and work in both rural and urban communities throughout Colorado. They value their jobs, and are motivated by the certain knowledge that they are making a difference for wildlife and for people.

Using sound, video, text, logic, and computer skills, the Fish Hatchery Game portrays some of the work of a 'typical' CPW fish hatchery. Working through the game, you and your students are presented interesting (and often challenging) math and biology concepts in a meaningful, relevant, and fun way. (A score sheet  is provided so teachers and students can track progress and accomplishment. And, you may need the latest Flash Player​ - it's free!)

Life at A 'Typical' CPW Hatchery

Our hatcheries are an important tool for managing Colorado’s fishery resources—lakes, ponds, rivers, streams. Hatchery managers and technicians use math skills on a daily basis. Extensive understanding of life science, biology, and chemistry concepts underlie all of their decisions.

Now your students can 'put themselves in the shoes' of a hatchery manager! The Fish Hatchery Game mirrors a year in the life of a hatchery manager. The problems that students must solve are the real deal, and answer that age-old complaint, "But I'll never use this stuff again . . ." It takes knowledge, determination, and disciplined work to raise fish in Colorado. Your students are up to the task!

The game is divided into four sections. Each section will take your students 15-20 minutes to complete, leaving time to introduce ideas or practice similar math problems, and further discussion. A score sheet is provided  so students can keep track of how they do (The game keeps track of scoring within each section, but it is not carried over section-to-section.)

Get Started

First, download a score sheet  and a Glossary of Terms  - then play the game yourself! Become familiar with the game and its features. Students can either play the game directly from this website, or, depending upon your school's connection speed to the Internet, they can play directly from a disk or home computer.

Schedule some time for students to play the game. Depending on the skill level of your students, decide whether you would like them to play the game indi​vidually, in pairs, or in groups. We encourage collaboration - after all, in the real world, excellent communication skills are a must!

Encourage students to visit our Jobs page, and explore career paths, including Fish Hatchery Technician. There's never been a better time to pursue a wildlife career. Opportunities for advancement are unprecedented. We encourage your students to get on the fast track to a rewarding wildlife career by taking biology, chemistry, physics, and math classes, and taking advantage of school activities that allow them to practice public speaking, presentations, and writing.

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife is always looking for ways to help you do your very important work. If you have any suggestions for supplementary lessons for this game, or questions about the game and its additional resources, please send an e-mail to Tabbi Kinion.

Downloads, Game Resources, and Supplementary Material

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