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Outdoor Classroom Grants
Outdoor Classroom Grants

​​​​Student-led and Student-oriented Projects​ Grants in 2018!

Denison Montessori School Habitat Project 2006. "In progress" picture. Photo by Toni Phillips.Are your students tired of being cooped up in a classroom all day? Want to do something fun, as well as educational, with your students? The Outdoor Classrooms Grant Program provides the perfect opportunity to take learning outside, while still fulfilling your curriculum requirements!

In cooperation with the Colorado Parks and Recreation Association, up to $1,000 grants are available to support outdoor classroom projects.

Denison Montessori School Habitat Project 2006. "After" picture. Photo by Toni Phillips.

​Colorado Parks and Wildlife sponsors this grant program through Project WILD workshops, which​immerse educators in hands-on, interdisciplinary activities focusing on wildlife and conservation. A significant portion of workshop fees goes to support the Outdoor Classrooms Grant Program. ​

​Educators are encouraged to work with students to design and create an outdoor classroom, where kids can spend time outside and learn first-hand about wildlife and the environment.

Projects that are student-led and student-oriented will be more competitive. Let students' imaginations run wild in the outdoors while making a difference in your community for people and wildlife.

The Outdoor Classrooms Grant Program is made possible through support from the Colorado Parks and Recreation Association (CPRA) and Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Grants will be open again in January 2018.

How to Apply (when grant period is open)

  1. Download an application and review the requirements.

  2. Plan your project

  3. Before submitting your application, please review to make sure all of the necessary information has been provided and you have obtained all of the necessary signatures. 

  4. E-mail or mail your completed application to the CPRA Foundation.