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Teacher Resources
Teacher Resources
Fishing clinic at Golden Gate Canyon State Park

​​​​​​​Educator Training Opportunities

  • Teacher Workshops are scheduled throughout Colorado to train formal and non-formal educators in Project WILD, Growing Up WILD, Teaching Environmental Science Naturally, Colorado Archery in the Schools Program and more. Project WILD is one of the most widely-used conservation education programs among educators of students in kindergarten through high school. Led by highly qualified Volunteer Facilitators, these engaging and useful trainings enhance your conservation education programming. WILD Facilitators can make good use of some Workshop Planning Tools, and, teachers interested in becoming a volunteer facilitator can learn more about it from the Become a Volunteer Facilitator page.

  • Colorado Archery in the Schools Program (CASP) – Training for middle school and high school P.E. teachers to learn how to teach archery safely and successfully using your school gymnasium or playing field. Trained educators are eligible for equipment discounts and grants.

  • Teaching Environmental Science Naturally (T.E.N.) is an interagency, site-based, outdoor environmental science institute program for teachers. The training program utilizes the curriculum guides from Project WILD, Project Learning Tree, and local resources.

  • River Watch, is a statewide volunteer water quality-monitoring program. Learn about the program at the River Watch Web site or by contacting Michaela Taylor at (303) 291-7322.

Educator Resources

  • Colorado Connections is the Colorado conservation education e-newsletter. Signing up will ensure that you stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the field and new education opportunities.

  • Colorado Environmental Education Plan – Adopted by the Colorado State Board of Education in December 2012, the Colorado Environmental Education Plan outlines strategies to support the education of an environmentally literate citizenry. The adoption of this plan sets the stage for coordination and cooperation among schools, districts, and community partners.

  • Outdoor Classroom Grants - Put your students' minds and hands to work in their own schoolyard. These matching grants of up to $1000 will help hone students' academic and social skills as they design, create, maintain and enjoy an outdoor space for learning and leisure.

  • Videos, Kits, and 'Critter Crates' Library—Wildlife and conservation education-related materials for loan.

  • Wildlife teaching modules – Download curriculum modules written for Colorado high school biology, ecology and environmental science teachers and students.

  • Project WILD and Project Learning Tree for Second Language Learners – This supplement encourages sheltered English instruction using WILD and PLT activities.

  • Fish Hatchery Tours and Field Trips – Tour your local fish hatchery with your students.

  • Wild Colorado: Crossroads of Biodiversity poster series explores Colorado's natural systems with eight full-color posters accompanying a 72-page educator's guide.

  • The ABCs of Colorado Wildlife - Alphabet poster sets in the Zaner-Bloser and D'Nealian styles for printing and posting in your classroom.

  • The Fish Hatchery Game - This interactive simulation game engages students as fish hatchery managers to teach math and science concepts.

  • Wildlife Discovery Pages - Downloadable activity pages of Colorado wildlife species designed for primary, elementary and middle school students.

  • Colorado's Wildlife Company - A compendium of Wildlife Appreciation and information.