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CPW Videos: Fishing
CPW Videos: Fishing



Arctic Grayling Fishing
Fly Fishing Colorado - WinterCheesman Canyon, the Frying Pan and the Arkansas below Pueblo Reservoir
Ice Fishing - Granby Lake Trout
Catfish Fishing
a.m. Colorado - Fall Spawning RunsColorado mountain whitefish, brown trout, and kokanee salmon spawning runs underwater.
Colorado Fishing Atlas Quick GuideVideo tutorial illustrating the basic tools and concepts for The Colorado Fishing Atlas (, an online mapping application for anglers.Related video:Colorado Fishing Atlas Trip Planner Tutorial at
Fly Fishing Colorado - April - BWO's and Rim ChungFly Fishing with rs2 creator Rim Chung on the South Platte River in Cheesman Canyon near Deckers, ColoradoFly Fishing Colorado Playlist:
Fly Fishing Colorado - July - Colorado River CutthroatsFly fishing for native Colorado River Cutthroat trout on Crosho Lake Routt National forest, Atkinson Lake on the Grand Mesa and Grizzly Creek in the Flat Tops Wilderness ColoradoFly Fishing Colorado Playlist:
Fly Fishing Colorado - June - Damsels and CallibaetisFly Fishing The Delaney Buttes
Fly Fishing Colorado - May - Stonefly NymphingFly Fishing on the East river near Almont ColoradoFly Fishing Colorado Playlist:
Fly Fishing for Carp - 11 Mile Reservoir
How to Kill Your Catch
Walleye Trolling - Jumbo Reservoir SWATips and Techniques on trolling for walleye at Jumbo Reservoir State Wildlife Area
Fly Fishing Colorado - October - Stillwater TrophiesFly fishing for still water trophies at Spinney Mountain reservoir in South Park Colorado ... Learn how to fish a scud on still water @1:10Fly Fishing Colorado playlist:
How to Tie the No-Slip Mono Loop KnotColorado Outdoors Online - Quick Tip #2 The No-Slip Mono Loop Knot allows a fly to move more freely in the water, adding life-like action to any fly. Music by Steven Ostroske
a.m. Colorado - Arctic GraylingExotic arctic grayling are profiled in this underwater visit to their spawning grounds. See close-up action of these unique fish on their annual spawning run, and watch Colorado Parks and Wildlife biologists at work insuring the future of grayling in Colorado.
Fly Fishing Colorado - May - WipersFly Fishing for Wiper Bass at Pueblo Reservoir, Pueblo Colorado.
Fly Fishing Lake Pueblo State ParkFly fishing for Largemouth bass, Smallmouth bass, Wiper bass and Carp on Lake Pueblo State Park with guides Cody Hale and Alex Zipp from the Drift Fly Shop in Pueblo, CO.For more information on Lake Pueblo State Park visit here:
a.m. Colorado - Colorado River Cutthroat TroutDive into a clear mountain stream and swim shoulder-to-shoulder alongside native Colorado River cutthroat trout. Filmed using a remote underwater camera, this entertaining and educational video brings to light the plight of the most spectacular cutthroat trout in North America.
Belly Boat Bassin' - Part 1 - Getting Started
Belly Boat Bassin' Part - 2
Colorado Fishing Atlas - Getting StartedHere are a few of the many features anglers have access to on the Colorado Fishing Atlas:
Colorado Fishing Atlas Trip Planner TutorialPublished on Jan 15, 2013Learn how to use the Colorado Fishing Atlas ( to locate a new fishing opportunity in the state of Colorado.Related video:Colorado Fishing Atlas Trip Planner Tutorial at
Colorado Outdoors Quick Tip - Bait Fishing BasicsHow to assemble a basic bait-fishing rig for bottom fishing and bobber fishing, and how to bait a hook.