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101 Places to Take a Kid Fishing
101 Places to Take a Kid Fishing
​​​​​​​​Wherever You Live, There's One Nearby 

More Places To Fish Than You Can Shake A Pole At!  

Image of the "101 (+) Places to Take a Kid Fishing" map.These 101 (+) fishin' spots have been selected by Colorado Parks and Wildlife Aquatic Section employees and District Wildlife Managers. These spots offer features and amenities that make each site one of the best in Colorado to take a kid fishing—or the whole family! 

Among the criteria applied are: 

  • ​Location 

  • Ease of access to the site and the shore or bank

  • Open areas for casting

  • Chances of catching fish

  • Facilities (camping, biking, hiking, canoeing, picnic areas, restrooms)

  • Other area attractions. 

​Since these fishing spots are in Colorado, most offer spectacular scenery! Wildlife viewing opportunities abound, too.

Open the 101 (+) Places to Take a Kid Fishing interactive map, then click on one of the yellow stars to reveal information about that fishin' spot: name, description, what fish might be caught there, and directions to get you there! Note that the map may open behind your current window.

These selections are not the only good places to take a kid fishing; find others in the latest fishing br​o​chure​. Review the regulations, too, before you go fishing. You can also obtain a copy of the brochure at CPW offices or from license agents

And remember, there is never such a thing as a bad day fishing!