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Archery Range
Archery Range
Archery Range

Trail stepsLocated in the southeast corner of the park the Archery Range is accessed off of Highway 115 at Pine Oaks Road, directly across from Fort Carson Gate #5. All vehicles MUST display a valid parks pass and self serve day passes are available on site. 

View the mapped location for a full layout of the archery range.

CLOSURE NOTICES FOR THE FIELD/3D RANGE: May 6th, June 10th, June 24th, July 8th, and August 26th, 2017

​The static ranges will remain open to the public on these dates. The Field/3D range will be closed to the public for special use agreement tournaments. For questions please contact the Visitor Center at 719-576-2016. ​

Featuring a state of the art field range and 3D range

A $3 individual permit is required to access the Field/3D range, available for purchase on-site, and must be kept on your person for inspection at all times. This area features a mix of field targets and life-size animal targets along a walking trail as seen below.

Static Archery Range 

Archery shade shelterThe static archery range, located on the North side of Pine Oaks Road features targets between 10 and 80 yards, with a sun shelter to provide a covered shooting line. 

No permit or additional charge is required to use the static range. 

A limited draw range for bows with 35-pound-or-less draw weights is available featuring 10 to 20 yard targets. Beginning archery classes are offered throughout the summer months, call 719-576-2016 for more information. 

For archers convenience there are also vault style restrooms, picnic tables, and bow racks in the area.  "We are very excited about opening an archery range and providing another recreational opportunity at Cheyenne Mountain State Park," said Mitch Martin, park manager. "This is a perfect fit for the newly combined mission of Colorado Parks and Wildlife."

Creating the New Archery Range

Below are just a few examples of the hard work, heavy equipment, and material that has gone into creating the new archery range. Countless hours from our dedicated staff and volunteers have really paid off. You can expect the same great facilities in the archery range as you can find throughout the rest of the park. Overall, it should prove to be a valuable addition to Cheyenne Mountain State Park and to the archery enthusiasts in the community!

Loading fence posts setting fence posts 

Mountains of crusher fine wood for targets