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Mountain lion photo from trail camera

Home to an abundance of wildlife, Cheyenne Mountain State Park has black bears, deer, bobcats, wild turkeys, and even a mountain lion roaming the territory. Visitors frequently report seeing rattlesnakes cross the trails and raptors soaring high overhead.

In 2011, a small crew of dedicated volunteers installed a water guzzler within the Park. We have also installed a game camera that captures the large array of wildlife who have stopped off for a drink. Due to Colorado's dry conditions and our lack of running water, we recently installed a second guzzler within the Park to provide even better opportunities for the wildlife. We will continue to update this page with new pictures as we capture them.

When viewing wildlife, please keep a respectful distance from the animals. For more information, see the Wildlife Viewing​ page.

To protect the parks fragile eco-systems; pets, horses and smoking are not permitted on the trails or in the back country. 
Mule deer at guzzlerBlack bear at guzzlerScrub jayBobcat kittens