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State Wildlife Area

Cline Ranch SWA


GMU: 500
Perpetual access and conservation easement for hunting, fishing and wildlife viewing on Cline Ranch (formerly Tarryall Creek Ranch) located just north of Como.

9,600 to 9,800 ft, above sea level


Pronghorn;#Deer;#Elk;#Small game;#Waterfowl;#

Coldwater stream;#



a. Access is by foot and horseback only.
b. Horse use is restricted to designated trails only. A reservation is required for all horse use. Reservations may be made by calling the Park County Office of Tourism and Community Development at (719) 836-4279. A maximum of two reservations per day are allowed.
c. All access must be from designated parking areas only.
d. Overnight parking is prohibited.
e. Fishing is by artificial flies and lures only.
f. The bag and possession limit for trout is two fish.
g. Fishing is prohibited from October 1 through the end of February.
h. Fishing access is restricted to designated fishing areas (beats) only. Access to each fishing beat is restricted to occupants of the vehicle parked in the parking stall assigned to that beat (determined by corresponding number). No more than four anglers are allowed per vehicle, and only one vehicle is allowed per stall.
i. Hunting access is limited to occupants of vehicles parked in designated parking stalls with a maximum of four hunters per vehicle.
j. Dogs are prohibited except as an aid in hunting.
k. Dog training is prohibited.
l. Camping is prohibited.
m. Fires are prohibited.
n. Discharge of firearms or bows is prohibited, except while hunting.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife reminds visitors to check current hunting, fishing and land use regulations when planning to visit a State Wildlife Area. Refer to the Recreational Lands Brochure, as well as the Fishing and Hunting Regulation Brochures located on the Regulations Brochures page. State Wildlife Area visitors can also find rules and regulations information in Chapter 9 Regulations.​​

Contact Info
Area CPW Office: Denver, (303) 291-7227
Last updated: 6/12.​