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State Wildlife Area

Delaney Butte Lakes SWA


GMU: 16
From Walden, go 1/2 mile west on HWY 14 to CR12; then go 5.3 miles west to CR18. Go 4.5 miles west on to CR5; then 1/2 mile north

min. 8,111 ft - max 9,311 ft

2,1325 acres.

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Colorado Parks and Wildlife reminds visitors to check current hunting, fishing and land use regulations when planning to visit a State Wildlife Area. Refer to the Recreational Lands Brochure, as well as the Fishing and Hunting Regulation Brochures located on the Regulations Brochures Page. State Wildlife Area visitors can also find rules and regulations information in Chapter 9 Regulations.​

Regulations and Additional Information
Delaney Butte Lakes SWA is owned and managed by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife as a high-quality sport fishery and big game habitat area. Included in this 2,132 acre area are three lakes managed to provide an exceptional fishing experience.


  • fishing is by artificial flies and lures only (scented flies or lures, 1.5" or longer, may be used)
  • Bag and possession limit is 2 fish for all 3 lakes combined
  • All brown trout between 14-20" must be returned to the water immediately upon catch
  • all rainbow trout, cutthroat and cutbows between 18-22" must be returned to the water immediately upon catch​

​EAST DELANEY BUTTE LAKE: (65 acres) The maximum depth is 34-feet, average depth is 10-12 feet. 

NORTH DELANEY BUTTE LAKE: (205 acres) is one of only two Gold Medal Lakes in Colorado (the other is Spinney Mountain Reservoir in South Park). This lake is managed as a wild brown trout egg source for the entire state, providing a million plus eggs each year. 

Special Restriction for North Delaney Butte Lake: Fishing is prohibited from the dam and within 100 feet of the dam from 9/15-11/15. Fishing is prohibited in the inlet, upstream of the standing water line. 

SOUTH DELANEY BUTTE LAKE: (150 acres) At maximum the lake is 56 surface acres; maximum depth is 26 feet, average depth is 10-12 feet.

Special Restriction for South Delaney Butte Lake: Fishing is prohibited in the inlet, upstream of the standing water line. ​

Contact Info
Area CPW Office: Steamboat Springs, (970) 870-2197.​​