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State Wildlife Area

Lon Hagler SWA


GMU: 20
From Loveland, go west on 14th St., SW to County Road 21, then 3/4 miles south (left) to County Road 16E ,then 1 1/2 miles west (left) to the entrance. From the town of Campion, go 3 1/4 miles west on County Road 14, then 1 1/2 miles north (right) on County Road 21 then 1 1/2 miles west (left) to the entrance.

min. 5,080 ft - 5,162 ft

301 acres

Dove;#Small game;#Waterfowl;#

Coldwater stream;#Warm water;#

Archery range;#Boating;#Nature trail;#Picnicking;#

Boat Ramp;#Restrooms;#

a. Boating is prohibited in a manner that creates a white water wake.
b. Camping is prohibited.
c. Fishing is prohibited in the inlet structure and the annex pond.
d. Horseback riding is prohibited.
e. Sail surfboards are prohibited.
f. Sailboats are prohibited.
g. Target practice is prohibited.
h. Fires are prohibited.
i. Bicycling is prohibited.
j. All pet leashes must be no longer than six feet in length.
k. Any dog on a boat is not required to be on a leash.
l. Between September 1 and the last day of February, dogs are prohibited west of the lakeside parking lots, except as an aid to hunting.
m. Between March 1 and August 31, dogs are prohibited west of the lakeside parking lots.
n. Dogs are prohibited on the annex pond and adjacent lands, as posted, to protect wildlife habitat and nesting wildlife.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife reminds visitors to check current hunting, fishing and land use regulations when planning to visit a State Wildlife Area. Refer to the Recreational Lands Brochure, as well as the Fishing and Hunting Regulation Brochures located on the Regulations Brochures Page. State Wildlife Area visitors can also find rules and regulations information in Chapter 9 Regulations.​

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Area CPW Office: Fort Collins, (970) 472-4300.