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Cameo Sponsorship Request for Interest
Cameo Sponsorship Request for Interest
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​As part of its mission to provide the best recreational experiences for Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) visitors in Colorado, CPW is in the process of developing Cameo, a 2,000 acre, first-class education and shooting complex located in Palisade, Colorado. Cameo will offer state-of-the-art facilities for visitors to safely and enjoyably shoot rifles, pistols, archery, and shotguns. Additionally, Cameo will be an educational facility for the public and a training facility for law enforcement. 

CPW anticipates that the complex will draw up to 50,000 visitors (national and international) per year through the promotion of competitive sporting events, including competitions involving sporting clays, skeet, archery, cowboy action shooting, pistol, and rifle venues. Cameo will also provide visitors special amenities, such as a clubhouse, individual picnic shelters, and RV parking.

Benefits of Being a CPW Corporate Sponsor/Donor

CPW offers sponsorship and donation opportunities to facilitate and support the agency’s park and wildlife initiatives. Sponsorships not only provide financial resources for the development of CPW’s mission, but also foster relationships, promote collaborative stewardship, and increase public awareness. 

The benefits of being a CPW Sponsor may include, but are not limited to, playing an active role in the development of CPW programs, facilities, and special events, naming rights, and advertising.

Cameo’s Sponsorship Opportunities

​Cameo affords sponsors and donors an exceptional opportunity of assisting in the development and sponsorship of Cameo’s proposed programs and services listed below:

  • Shooting Ranges & Fields
    • Pistol/Rifle
      • 50 ft all-purpose range (15 positions)
      • 25/50 yd pistol range multipurpose (10 positions)
      • 50 yd small bore rifle range (10 positions)
      • 100 yd rifle range (12 positions)
      • 100 yd rifle range (20 positions)
      • 200 yd rifle range (10 positions)
    • Action Shooting
      • Action shooting complex (15 bays)
      • Cowboys action shooting (10 bays)
    • ​Shotgun
      • 15 position sporting clays course
      • 3 combination connection trap and skeet fields with two trap fields and a 5 stand overlay
    • Archery Complex
      • 90 yd archery range (10 positions)
      • 14 positions archery field course
    • Rifle
      • 600/1000 yd rifle long range (20 positions)
      • Precision Rifle
    • Support Structures
      • Range administration building (6,900 sq ft)
      • Clubhouse area (48,000 sq ft)
      • Storage
      • Individual picnic shelter
      • Pavilion
  • Amenities
    • ​RV parking

If you are interested in becoming a Cameo sponsor, please review the qualifications below and then submit your ideas.

​Submittal Contact:

​Sponsorship offers may be submitted electronically (via email) or in hard copy to:

Dan Findlay
Colorado Parks and Wildlife
1313 Sherman Street, 6th floor
Denver, CO 80203

​​Qualifications for Interested Corporate Sponsors

  • Business mission consistent with Colorado Parks and Wildlife​
  • and Colorado Department of Natural Resources
  • mission and goals
  • Demonstrated financial stability
  • Sponsorship idea implementation involves minimal CPW staff impact
  • Businesses with Colorado offices must be registered to do business in the State of Colorado
  • Meet all insurance requirements (see attached model contract).
  • Avoids identification with a particular political party
  • No alcohol, drugs or extreme violence

Submittal Information for Corporate Sponsors

​Company Information -- Include a cover letter which gives:

  1. Company Information including your company name, address of corporate headquarters, address of any local office, number of years in business, entity type (not-for profit corporation, for-profit corporation, etc.) and a description of your line(s) of business.
  2. A brief, high level description of your sponsorship proposal (less than one page).
  3. Contact information including email, website and telephone numbers of the primary contact, and any individuals we may contact in the event the primary contact is not available.​

Company Background

  1. ​Include any relevant background information about your company
  2. Include financial information (recent financial statement or similar documentation) 

Sponsorship Proposal

Describe your sponsorship idea in detail, including areas or events impacted, length of proposal, dollar values, requested contribution from Colorado Parks and Wildlife, including staff time.

Confidential or Proprietary Information

​CPW neither requests nor encourages the submission of confidential or proprietary information in sponsorship proposals. Information submitted will be open for public inspection upon completion of the evaluation process and execution of a contract. Should a firm want the State to treat certain information as confidential or proprietary, a written request should be submitted prior to or with the partnership request. The written request for confidentiality/proprietary classification will be reviewed by the Department of Natural Resources​ Purchasing Director.  

The written request must state specifically, and identify by page number or sections of the submittal, what elements of the proposal are to remain confidential. The request must also identify the basis for the claim of confidentiality/proprietary classification. Confidential/propriety information MUST be readily identified, marked and separated/packaged from the rest of the proposal. Co-mingling of confidential/propriety information and other information is not suggested. 

Sponsorship Idea Evaluation

An evaluation team will score the sponsorship proposals based upon the following criteria:

​Company information is required, but will not be scored.

Company Background will be evaluated based upon financial viability and capabilities, as well as relevant experience.

Evaluation of the Sponsorship Proposal will include:

  • Consideration of unique and innovative methods, approaches, or concepts
  • Potential contribution of the proposal to the DNR and CPWs mission
  • Technical merits, feasibility or techniques of the proposal
  • Capabilities, relevant experience, facilities, or techniques or a unique combination of these qualities that are integral factors for achieving the proposal objectives
  • Cost benefits to CPW which could include efficient delivery of services, or enhanced quality of service delivered to the recipient

Partnership Agreements

Partnership ideas accepted by Colorado Parks and Wildlife will be memorialized in a State Contract Agreement.