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Ranch Land Ranch
Ranch Land Ranch

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​County: Pueblo County

GMU: S79

Ranch Contact:

Nearest CPW Office:

Billy Peetz  or John

Pueblo Office
600 Pueblo Reservoir Road
Pueblo, Colorado 81005
(719) 561-5300

Location: Located west of Lake Pueblo, just north of Hwy 96.

Acres: 25,500 Ranch Land will provide a map of the ranch to the license holder.​

Species Available: Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep

Elevation: Approximately​ 5,500 ft.

Terrain: Ranch terrain consists of steep, rocky canyons, rolling grasslands, plateaus, cliffs and mesa tops. Vegetation varies depending on site type of riparian area, canyon or mesa top.​

Access: Bighorn Sheep License holder will have access to entire ranch. Vehicle access only on established roads and no vehicle access off roads if wet or if muddy conditions exist.​

Camping: No Camping

Game Retrieval Services:​ No vehicles off established roads.​

Guiding Services: Hunt will be guided at no cost by Ranch Land, William (Billy) Peetz.​

Nearest Overnight Accommodations: There are lots of hotels and accommodations within the city of Pueblo, ten miles east on Hwy 96.​

Season Dates: September 1- October 31


No other hunting allowed for bighorn sheep license holder or license holder's guests.

Only two guests may accompany​​ the license holder.

No over-the-counter licenses are offered on these properties. Bighorn Sheep Access Program licenses are open to Colorado residents only. Licenses are only for the season and ranch on the license. For more information on season dates and application deadlines, see the Sheep and Goat Guide.