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Snowmobiler on mountain trail

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Colorado Parks and Wildlife has managed the Snowmobile Program since its inception in 1977. Through a longstanding partnership between Colorado Parks and Wildlife and the Colorado Snowmobile Association (CSA)​, this program has grown substantially over the years. It​ also funds the Snowmobile Safety Certification Program, the Snowmobile Program operators, helps support the avalanche warning system and provides for patrol services to ensure safe snowmobiling and registration compliance.​​​

Take an Avalanche Safety Course!       

​​Be smart and safe on your snowmobile this winter. CPW recommends that snowmobilers take an avalanche safety course, and always carry shovels, probes and avalanche beacons—and know how to use them. Monitoring snow conditions, especially after large snow falls, big changes in temperature, and big wind events is important in judging the safety of slopes. Be especially careful on steep slopes, above timberline, and when maneuvering through drainages. To find an avalanche safety course, view the Colorado Parks and Wildlife calendar or visit the Colorado Snowmobile Association (CSA) website.

Trails and Maps

Colorado’s Snowmobile Registration fees provide funding for more than 2,700 miles of groomed and marked winter trails that are open to all winter enthusiasts. Visit the Colorado Snowmobile Association's (CSA) Snowmobile Trails page for detailed maps, grooming and trail status reports.

Find a Local Club

 Visit the Colorado Snowmobile Association's (CSA) Local Club Finder page to find a club near you.


CAIC Avalanche Forecast Map

Before you head out, check the latest avalanche forecast!



Visit the Snowmobile Safety page for more information.