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Conditions - Statewide
Conditions - Statewide
Father and Son Fishing

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Conditions Report - Metro Denver Area​

Aurora Reservoir

The current water temperature is around 63 degrees. Trout fishing from shore is rated as slow to fair with a handful of good reports. Most trout are being caught using PowerBait from a slip rig. The west and east end of the dam have been productive areas for trout from shore. Try fishing deeper now that the water has warmed up. Boaters are reporting fair to good success on trout trolling slowly with lures and night crawlers. Walleye action from boats is slow. Perch action is fair to good using jigs in Senac and Marina Coves. We are receiving a handful of reports of largemouth and smallmouth being caught using jigs, swim baits, and soft plastics at the Marina, Senac Cove, and Lone Tree Cove. 

Chatfield Reservoir

Water levels are high and rising every day. Summer boating recreation is increasing and anglers should try to avoid the weekends. Walleye fishing had remained good with boat anglers having the best success while trolling. The walleye are entering the shallows in the evenings, providing shore anglers with excellent opportunities. The smallmouth bass are still active and many fish can be found near the shallows. Tubes, soft plastics, and crank baits are great lures for catching smallmouth bass this time of year. Chatfield State Park

Cherry Creek Reservoir
The current water temperature is around 63 degrees. The weekends have been busy with recreational boaters, but anglers are having success when the water conditions are calm. Shore anglers are having little success, but boat anglers are having luck trolling with crank baits. The evening fishing has been producing more bites compared to the morning hours. Anglers are mostly catching walleye using jigs and worms, and many reports of anglers spotting large carp in the shallows near the boat ramp. Cherry Creek State Park

Quincy Reservoir

The current water temperature is around 66 degrees. Bass fishing is rated as fair to good. Anglers are using soft plastics, swim baits, spinner baits, and jigs. There have been some reports of top water lures working for the bass. Fly anglers are reporting fair success using olive and brown mayfly patterns. 

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Conditions Report - Northeast Colorado

Barr Lake

The current water temperature is around 74 degrees with three feet of water clarity. The walleye are getting caught on the west side of the lake. Anglers are having success pulling bottom bouncers with worms or live bait rigging with worms and leeches. Look for fish around flats close to the weed lines in 12 – 15 feet of water. With the recent shad and carp minnows hatching, look for wiper in shallow water around weed lines. Anything shad or carp colored will produce. The best bite is while the wind is blowing, but stick to low light periods. Use Lipless crank baits when the conditions are windy and try using jerk baits when the water is slack calm. The trout are still being caught around the boat ramp circle early in the morning. Shore fishing will slow down until the water starts to drop. Using chartreuse PowerBait or worms has been best. Boat anglers are trolling spoons and wobblers. Small crank baits like flicker shads have been producing when trolled at speeds over 2.0 mph. The perch and crappie fishing should start to pick up soon. Barr Lake State Park​

Eleven Mile Reservoir

Trout fishing is excellent near the Rocking chair and Rogers Mt. day use areas. Cast into the deeper parts of the lake for the most success. Green garlic PowerBait is the most effective lure. The fishing continues to heat up with boaters catching their limits with very little difficulty. Trolling is very productive but not the only way to get bites. The west end is still good but fishing is now good throughout lake. Needlefish, Kastmasters, and Tasmanian Devils continue to perform well. Although pink continues to be a strong color, orange and red are improving daily. Shore action is sporadic with sundown being the best time to fish. The kokanee salmon fishing is slow, but anglers are catching fish east of Deer Island.  Small fish in the 12 to 14 inch range have turned up when least suspected. The northern pike fishing is sporadic using Rapala’s and worms. They are in spawn mode and have moved into the shallows. Bite times have been between 11 a.m. and 2p.m. (Courtesy of Eleven Mile Marina). Eleven Mile State Park

Rocky Mountain National Park

The fishing on the west side of the park is excellent while fishing on the east side has been good. The Colorado River headwaters are low and clear and the fish are aggressively taking dry dropper rigs. All areas of the river are producing many bites. Timber creek is fishing well on dry dropper rigs with a majority of anglers catching native cutthroat trout and brook trout. The east side of the park is offering good fishing at Moraine Park and surrounding lakes. 

Saint Vrain

The walleye fishing continues to be very productive on Blue Heron Reservoir and at Pelican pond. Try fishing the bottom transition zones to find some great largemouth bass action and other large fish. The pike are becoming more active at Pelican pond during the early evening hours. The hot weather is still keeping the fish deep during the day, so try fishing during the dawn and dusk hours for the best success. Saint Vrain State Park

South Platte River Dream Stream

The Dream Stream has been fishing well and the fish are dispersed throughout the river now. Flows are still around 75 cfs. Blue winged olive hatches are occurring during overcast hours and the caddis are hatching throughout the day. Work the deeper pools and the faster riffles. Look for some PMD's to begin hatching soon, followed by Tricos at the end of the month. Anglers are catching a mixed bag of rainbow trout, brown trout, and the occasional Snake River Cutthroat. Overall fishing has been good despite the low flows and tougher than normal conditions. (Courtesy of patdorseyflyfishing .com )

Spinney Mountain Reservoir

The trout fishing is rated as good with anglers catching fish at Buffalo Cove and near the shorelines. The fish are actively feeding and fly anglers are having luck using midges, Parachute Adams, and blue winged olive emergers. The north boat ramps are open and available for use. The south boat ramp will remain closed at this time due to the lower water level. Spinney Mountain State Park

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​Conditions Report- Southeast Colorado

Arkansas Headwaters

The peak runoff has passed in the Arkansas River basin and flows are now receding on both the tributaries and the main stem. There is still a considerable amount of snow high in the high country which will sustain water flows throughout the summer.  We expect to see flows decline gradually over the next several weeks. As of June 20, water flows are 800 cfs in Hayden Meadows, 1490 cfs at Granite, and 2510 cfs in upper Bighorn Sheep Canyon. The river is clear on the upper end and has near two feet of visibility in Salida. Caution is still advised at these current flow conditions, but fish are definitely adopting an opportunistic attitude that will only increase as more edge water habitat opens up. Yellow sallies, caddis, and craneflies have all been active in Granite and above. Look for increasing bug activity on the lower stretches of river. (Courtesy of ArkAnglers) Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area

Clear Creek Reservoir
Trout angling from shore and boat remains fair at Clear Creek Reservoir. The best trout fishing from boat and shore has been in the morning hours. Anglers reported catching 18 - 25 inch rainbow trout at the eastern part of the reservoir with most of the catch comprising of 8 - 12 inch rainbow trout. Shore fishing access at the boat ramp parking area is still limited because of both high water levels and willows right at the shoreline. Shore anglers may want to entertain wearing hip boots or chest waders to fish the shoreline more effectively. Either sherbert PowerBait or yellow Berkley's Floating Magnum Eggs typically works well for shore fishermen. Black woolly buggers have been the most productive fly for fly anglers. Successful boat anglers targeting trout used Needlefish lures, Super Duper lures, and yellow Rapala's. Kokanee salmon fishing remains very slow. A Squid tipped with white corn is one of the best methods to land kokanee salmon at the eastern part of the reservoir. A 24-inch tiger musky was caught on a Rapala CountDown Minnow at the boat ramp parking lot area. A boat angler landed a 38-inch tiger musky on a crank bait with a rainbow trout pattern Saturday evening. The reservoir is closed to trailer motorized watercrafts on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The current boating hours are from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

John Martin Reservoir

The reservoir is currently at 202,000 acre feet and the surface temperature is about 79 degrees. Fishing for white bass and wiper is still very productive, on a variety of hard baits. We are getting more reports of walleye being caught on bright spinner lures. Fishing at the spillway for cat fish is picking up and Lake hasty is fishing well in the morning and evening, but slows down during the heat of the day. John Martin State Park

Most anglers are having luck catching trout on both lakes. The area lakes are providing great northern pike fishing using spinners. Trout can be caught on PowerBait or night crawlers. We have not received any reports of muskie or walleye recently. Stop by the visitor center to show off your catch, and get in the book. Lathrop State Park

Skaguay Reservoir
Trout fishing has been excellent recently. The trout have been caught near the lake bottom using night crawlers, Power Bait, salmon eggs, Tasmanian Devils, Kastmasters, Jakes Lures, jerk baits, Panther Martins, rooster tails, and tube jigs. Fly anglers are having success using a dry dropper rig. Use a large dry fly on top such as a grass hopper or stimulator and drop a size 16 prince nymph or hare's ear below the dry fly. 

Trinidad Lake

The lake is at 923 surface acres with a surface temperature near 68 degrees. Shoreline anglers are catching trout, walleye, perch, catfish, and bass. Trout are biting on PowerBait. The walleye and perch are biting on jigs tipped with a night crawler. Catfish are biting on chicken liver. Boaters are still consistently catching walleye and perch. The walleye and perch have moved into the shallower water, with some being caught in a couple of feet of water. Boaters are reminded that boats must be inspected prior to launch. Trinidad Lake State Park

Turks Pond

The water level is fairly high right now. Catfish in the 14 - 20 inch range are being caught on stink bait, worms, and chicken livers in the evenings and at night. Wipers in the 16 inch range have been hitting on twistertail jigs and worms. A few crappie and nice sized bluegill are being caught throughout the lake on small jigs and worms under a bobber. Small bullheads are being caught as well on worms fished on the bottom.

Turquoise Lake

The lake is slowing starting to rise with the recent snowmelt. These increased water levels are giving boat anglers more success on the water. The fishing from shore is really good for both rainbow trout and lake trout. Anglers are catching fish on assorted baits, lures and flies.  

Twin Lakes

The lake is still low, although the runoff is increasing the water levels every day. Fishing from boats has been fair, for both rainbow trout and lake trout. Fishing from shore is starting to pick up, especially near the power plant. Anglers are reporting lake trout being caught from shore with both sucker meat and PowerBait.

Two Buttes Reservoir

The bass are being caught on a variety of lures with Texas rigged worms and jigs working the best. Frogs and top water lures have also been effective. The crappie and bluegill are being caught throughout the reservoir.  Try using a worm under a bobber or a small curly tail grub on a 1/8 oz to 1/16 oz jig head.  Fly anglers have also found success for bluegill and green sunfish on nymph and streamer patterns. Keeper sized saugeye and wiper are still being caught on a variety of lures.  Try using a lipless crank bait or a suspended jerk bait for the best results. The catfish are also being caught on stink bait and worms fished on the bottom. Try the black hole below the dam for some good pan fish and bass action. 

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​​​Conditions Report - Northwest Colorado​​​

Colorado River
Current flows are around 3,300 cfs near Kremmling. Conditions are improving on the Colorado River every day as flows continue to slowly drop. Use caution while wading in the river. The best way to fish the river right now is by floating in a boat. The best fly fishing option is near Pumphouse where the water is fairly clear and offering the best conditions. Trout are still looking for salmon flies and eating both nymph and dry fly patterns. Pink worms have also been a hot fly. Nymphing is the best strategy in the morning, while the streamer and dry fly fishing is picking up later in the day. Big streamer patterns are working very well. 

Colorado River State Park
Corn Lake, Island ​​Acres, and Fruita's Red Rocks Lake are all fishing well recently. Trout fishing has slowed down with the warmer weather and most of the fish have moved into the deeper parts of the lakes. Warm water fish such as bluegill and bass are being caught daily. James M. Robb Colorado River State Park

Highline Lake
Recreational traffic on the lake is getting busy with summer beginning. The best time to fish the lake is at dawn and dusk when the fish become more active and the boaters become less active. The crappie fishing has been good, but most of the fish being caught are below average size. The bass fishing is hit and miss as of recently. Trout fishing has been fair using PowerBait, with anglers catching mostly 10 – 12 inch stocked rainbow trout. Highline Lake State Park

Lake Granby
The lake is warming up along with the fishing. Anglers fishing the deeper parts of the lake are having great success catching large lake trout. Most lake trout are being caught by jigging near the middle of the lake. Trout anglers are having luck fishing from shore as most of the trout continue to feed near the shallows. Spinner anglers are having luck using PowerBait, while fly anglers are getting the most bites on woolly buggers and other streamers. 

Rifle Gap Reservoir
The crappie fishing is starting to heat up and the stocked trout are biting well on PowerBait. The northern pike fishing is slowing down, but the smallmouth bass action is excellent right now using jerk baits. The walleye fishing is sporadic, along with the perch fishing. Rifle Gap State Park

Vega Reservoir
Fishing has been excellent for trout as of recently. Anglers are having success using PowerBait, night crawlers, and gold rooster tails. Vega State Park

Wolford Mountain Reservoir
The current water temperature is around 60 degrees. Trout fishing has been excellent recently for both lure and fly anglers. Spinner anglers are having luck on a variety of spoons with gold and red colors. The best fishing is during the morning hours before the sun gets too intense. Small floating Rapala's are also producing some bites. Fly anglers are having luck using streamers from belly boats.

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​Conditions Report - Southwest Colorado​​

Jackson Gulch Reservoir​

Fishing for rainbow trout is very good to excellent. Try a small, 1/8 oz curly tailed or maribou jig tipped with a piece of worm or night crawler. Fish the rig under a bobber with as long a leader as you can cast. Also try using a slip bobber and set the depth for 6 - 12 feet for trout. Perch are being caught in the quarry on the north side and out of the flooded brush. Mancos State Park​

Navajo Reservoir

The water temperature at Two Rivers Marina is 65 degrees. Fishing has been good, particularly for bass and northern pike.  The crappie fishing has slowed down recently. Colorado and New Mexico fishing licenses are available at the Visitor Center. Navajo State Park​

Ridgway Reservoir

The smallmouth bass continue to bite well and anglers are reporting excellent conditions. Jerk baits and crank baits are the best lures for catching bass recently. The brown trout also continue to fish well for both bait and fly anglers. Ridgway State Park​

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