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Elk Hunting Statistics
Elk Hunting Statistics
Plan Ahead: 2018 Application Changes in
New Purchasing ​System

To ensure a smooth application process we are encouraging all hunters to get into the new system early and review your information BEFORE APPLYING for the draw.

  • Existing hunters, PLEASE LOOK UP your CPW account using your CID and confirm your personal information, including preference points.
  • Confirm your Driver's License information. If your license was issued or renewed within the past 6 months, you will need to confirm your residency at a CPW office or via email​ to our hunt planning team.
  • Applications open March 1 and close on April 3. Don't wait until the last minute to log into the system to ensure access and confirm your personal and preference point information.

Please see the Big Game hunting​ and online purchasing FAQs​ pages for additional resources and details.


 Draw Recap Report​s and Hunting Statistics

Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW) has developed a new and improved Draw Recap Report, which provides a wealth of information for hunters. For the first time, pre-draw and post-draw information, and license quotas have been combined into a single, easy to read layout. 


​Each report includes:

  • number of licenses available by hunt code
  • number of hunters that applied for each hunt code
  • number of hunters that successfully drew a license
  • preference-point information

The Draw Recap Report also shows how licenses were allocated among residents and nonresident, adults and youths, as well as landowners. The redesigned reports offer better transparency; providing hunters with the same information that Colorado Parks and Wildlife uses to manage the limited-license drawing.

draw recap reports​ glossary is available to help explain some of the terms you’ll find within the report. The draw recap walkthrough​ allows you to hover-over any field for an explanation of the data.​

Searching Statistics PDFs

TIP: To search the Big Game Draw & Hunting Statistics PDFs, please use the following keyboard shortcuts. After opening the PDF file, Windows PC users can enable the document search bar by pressing "Ctrl" + "F" on their keyboard. Press "CMD" + "F" on an Apple computer.​​

​Draw Recap

Out At



Report​​​ ​Report​​

​For more information about the Estimated Harvest reports, please view the Estimated Harvest ​​​Frequently Asked Questions​​​.​

If you need further assistance, customer service representatives are available to help answer any questions that you may have or to assist you in planning an upcoming hunt.​​​ Speak with a hunt planner today, call (303) 291-7526​​.

Draw and Hunting Statistics (2014 and earlier)

​Note: Due to data limitations, statistical reports that were created prior to 2015 will not be available in the new Draw Recap Report format.​​​

*Updated Report 

​​​ Hunt Recap Summaries​ Drawing Summaries Preference Points Required Estimated Harvest Population Estimates
2014Report Report ​ReportReport​​Report​​*
2013 Report Report Report Report ​Report*
2012 Report Report Report Report ​Report​​*
2011 Report Report Report Report Report*
2010 Report Report Report Report Report*
2009 Report Report Report Report Report
2008 Report Report Report Report Report
2007 Report Report Report Report Report
2006 Report Report Report Report Report
2005 Report Report Report Report Report