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Wildlife Viewing
Wildlife Viewing
Bull elk bugling in fall field

​​​​​​​Estes Park Elk Festival - Estes Park 

Cow elk in Rocky Mountain National Park

October 3 - 4

​The rut is on! Join Colorado Parks and Wildlife at Bond Park in Estes Park October 3-4 as we celebrate the season of wapiti wooing. Visitors can attend education presentations, listen to live music, visit vendor booths, enjoy a cool beverage at the Wallowing Hole Beer Garden, cheer on Sunday’s bugling contest participants and more. CPW provides multiple educational booths, an Elk Camp simulation to provide hunting information, public elk biology and management seminars, and our expert volunteer guides provide biological and behavioral information, as well as responsible viewing tips where elk are located in town. For more information, see the Estes Park Elk Fest website.  


Saturday, October 10

This time of year you may notice lots of animals moving through our area. This is a good time to observe animals that don’t call Colorado home. But how do animals know when to migrate? How do they know where they are going? What kind of dangers do they face on these long distance journeys? Join us to learn all about the marvels of migration!

Friday, October 16

This time of year Highline Lake sees several migrating visitors. Highline Lake is a migratory hot spot; it is a wonderful resting place for long distance travelers in need of a break. Come out and take a look at our seasonal avian guests.

Moonlight Hike
Monday, October 26

Join Naturalists for an evening hike and afterwards enjoy refreshments and other celestial delights. $7.50 per hiker is requested to reserve a spot prior to the event. Hikes start promptly at the advertised start time. This program is a fundraiser for Friends of Roxborough supporting the environmental education efforts in the park. This event has limited space, call 303-973-3959 to confirm availability. To reserve, send a check payable to the Friends of Roxborough to the park address: 4751 E. Roxborough Drive, Roxborough, CO 80125. A non-refundable tickets for your confirmed hike will be sent to you. Bring this ticket with you to the event and remember all vehicles entering the park need a valid pass attached. Daily passes are $7.00 and available at the self-service signage therefore remember to bring correct change. See you there!

Wildlife Viewing Guides​

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Brown Wildlife Viewing SignSelect a pin point for a description of the location and wildlife viewing information. There are over 200 sites to choose from. These sites are also published on the official Map to Colorado. Order yours today (included with the Vacation Guide). Look for the brown wildlife viewing signs at (most) location destinations. Download our wildlife viewing tips and checklist ​to use on your next wildlife viewing adventure.