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Wildlife Viewing
Wildlife Viewing
Marmot on rock

​​Marmot Festival - Staunto​n State Park, Pine 

June​ 23 - 24Festival Poster

Celebrate the Staunton State Park​ mascot, the yellow-bellied marmot. Visitors can enjoy guided hikes, viewing opportunities, kids’ activities, learn to rock climb, and more! ​

Marmots are plentiful at Staunton and ready to be outside after a long winter, so June is the perfect time to see the pups and marmot families playing and basking in the sun at the park. Festivities are happening between 10 a.m. through 3 p.m. and include activities for youngsters and the young at heart, including:

  • Marmot games and puppet making
  • Investigating a burrow on the Marmot Crawl
  • Scope out marmots with the park's marmot monitors from 9:30 - 1:30
  • Educational scavenger hunt to learn about marmots throughout the park
  • See whether your dog measures up in a Marmot vs Dog challenge
  • Guided hikes at 9:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. each day
  • Rock climbing sessions at 10 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. (instruction and equipment included)
  • Friends of Staunton State Park "Adopt-a-Marmot" Stewardship program

Mt. Evans Wildlife Viewing​​​, Summit Lake Parking Area on Mt. Evans

June - Labor Day

Colorado Parks and Wildlife partners with City of Denver Mountain Parks and the US Forest Service to provide alpine-related education for visitors to the mountain. Stop by and visit our dedicated and knowledgable volunteers as they help you spot the animals living in the harsh land above the trees! Check out wildlife artifacts, see high-altitude wildlife, and learn how to recreate responsibly on the sensitive alpine tundra. For​​ more information, visit Summit Lake or Mt. Evans Recreation Area​.


Orient Mine Bat Viewing - San Luis Valley, Villa Grove ​

June - September

At least once in your life you must experience this extraordinary event. A one-hour hike will take you to the abandoned mine from which you will see nearly 250,000 Mexican free-tailed bats emerge! The Orient Mine is the summer home of the northernmost and largest bachelor colony of Mexican free-tailed bats known in North America. Call 719/256-4315 or visit the Orient Mine website​ for visitor information.​



​For more upcoming events, see the Events and Festivals page​ and the CPW Event​​ Calendar.


Mountain Biking, Road Biking, and Family Biking suggestions.​​​Buy A parks pass..​​​More outdoor recreation opportunities.​​​​


Nature Walk & Talk
Friday, June 22

Share your knowledge, experiences and enthusiasm with other Barr Lake visitors and volunteers as we discover and rediscover the park's hidden treasures..

J.A.T.T Bike Ride
Friday, July 6

"Just At Twilight Time" explore the Barr Lake 9-mile trail at dusk by bike.

J.A.T.T Bike Ride
Friday, August 3

"Just At Twilight Time" explore the Barr Lake 9 mile trail at dusk by bike.

J.A.T.T Bike Ride
Friday, September 7

"Just At Twilight Time" explore the Barr Lake 9-mile trail at dusk by bike.

​ Wildlife Viewing Guides​

bighorn sheep and mountain goat brochure cover ​

Bighorn Sheep
& Mountain Goats

cover of deer and elk brochure 

Deer ​& Elk

cover of grouse, prairie-chickens and ptarmigan brochure 

Grouse, Prairie​-Chickens
& Ptarmigan


Brown Wildlife Viewing SignSelect a pin point for a description of the location and wildlife viewing information. There are over 200 sites to choose from. These sites are also published on the official Map to Colorado. Order yours today (included with the Vacation Guide). Look for the brown wildlife viewing signs at (most) location destinations. Download our wildlife viewing tips and checklist ​to use on your next wildlife viewing adventure.