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Wildlife Viewing
Wildlife Viewing
Cow Moose by Tony Hober


2018 Grand Mesa Moose Day 

July 28th, 10 AM to 3 PM, Grand Mesa Visitor Center

Moose sightings are becoming more common along Highway 65 on Grand Mesa, so be on the lookout for a large, dark bodied, long-legged moose on your drive up to the 9th annual Grand Mesa Moose Day!

This annual wildlife viewing festival celebrates the success of the introduction program of moose to the Mesa Girl and boy with handmade antler hats. Photo by Tony Hoberand educates the public about moose biology, conservation and how to view moose safely. This year, come listen to a new presentation by our local Area Wildlife Manager titled “Colorado’s Moose Story” at 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. These presentations along with activities for the entire family make this a great place to stop in and make a moose craft, go on a walk with a wildlife officer to learn how we track moose with a telemetry collar, or learn how to cast a fly fishing​ rod at our casting station.

There are give-away items and the promise of cooler temperatures on top of the Grand Mesa, so come visit and learn about one of Colorado’s greatest conservation stories – the Shiras moose.

Location & What to Bring

This event is held at the US Forest Service Visitor Center ​located on the top of the Grand Mesa at 20090 Baron Lake Drive, Grand Mesa, CO 81413. Bring a picnic with you and make a day of learning about moose and wetting your line in a local fishing hole!​

*Photos above by CPW Volunteer Tony Hober


​For more upcoming events, see the Events and Festivals page​ and the CPW Event​​ Calendar.



Mountain Biking, Road Biking, and Family Biking suggestions.​​​Buy A parks pass..​​​More outdoor recreation opportunities.​​​​


Evening Eagle Express
Tuesday, July 24

Sit back and ride aboard the Eagle Express for a rare evening excursion on the entire Lake Perimeter Trail. (conditions permitting)

Full Moon Hike - Surf's Up
Friday, July 27

Explore Barr Lake at dusk! July is Lake Appreciation Month. Come discover some relationships between water and the moon, using Barr lake as an example. We'll also explore the importance and use of Barr Lake's water.

Grand Mesa Moose Day
Saturday, July 28

A free event for the entire family. Take a scenic drive on Grand Mesa and learn about moose! Practice fly casting & prizes for kids; touch table with hides and tracks; programs on moose viewing and safety; moose biology & telemetry demonstrations.

J.A.T.T Bike Ride
Friday, August 3

"Just At Twilight Time" explore the Barr Lake 9 mile trail at dusk by bike.

Nature Walk & Talk
Saturday, August 4

Share your knowledge, experiences and enthusiasm with other Barr Lake visitors and volunteers as we discover and rediscover the park's hidden treasures.

Evening Eagle Express
Tuesday, August 7

Sit back and ride aboard the Eagle Express for a rare evening excursion on the entire Lake Perimeter Trail, (condition permitting)

Hike: Outlook Ridge to Lost Pond
Sunday, August 12

Join Naturalist Rose for this 3 mile hike. Outlook Ridge has beautiful views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Look for Tiger Salamanders at Lost Pond!

Hike: School Pond to Stoner Mill
Saturday, August 18

Visit School Pond where Red-winged Blackbirds are often found. Also watch for wildlife and flowers on Stoner Mill trail with Naturalist Nancy. Moderate 3.5 mile hike

​ Wildlife Viewing Guides​

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Bighorn Sheep
& Mountain Goats

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Deer ​& Elk

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Grouse, Prairie​-Chickens
& Ptarmigan


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