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Wildlife Viewing
Wildlife Viewing

​​​​2017 Grand Mesa Moose Day 

July 29th, 10 AM to 3 PM, Grand Mesa Visitor Center

Visitors look at booths.

Two bull moose were seen after last year’s Grand Mesa Moose Day grazing in a meadow near a campground above the Mesa Lakes area. So yes, you can see moose on Moose Day! Attend this annual viewing festival and learn about moose habitat, biology, and where you have the best chance to see moose on the Mesa.

There are activities for all members of the family - while the kids are doing moose crafts, listen to a presentation from our local staff and learn more about moose in Colorado. If a hike is more of your activity style, learn how our staff track wildlife utilizing telemetry by accompanying a wildlife officer on a hike with a hidden moose collar.

Location & What to Bring

​This event is held at the US Forest Service Visitor Center located on the top of the Grand Mesa at 20090 Baron Lake Drive, Grand Mesa, CO 81413. Plan to take a picnic with you and make a day of learning about moose and wetting your line in a local fishing hole!​​

See the 2017 Grand Mesa Moose Day flyer​, for more details.

Mountain Biking, Road Biking, and Family Biking suggestions.​​​Buy A parks pass..​​​More outdoor recreation opportunities.


Hike: The Golden Eagle Trail
Saturday, July 22

Golden Eagle is the name of this infrequently hiked trail. Join Naturalist Penny to journey to the border of Dome Rock and view interesting rock formations on this 4.5 mile hike.

Literary Walk in the Woods
Saturday, July 22

Come along for a walk through history and delve into the life and works of literary legends on a guided hike. This month: Tamara M. Teale presents “The Earl of Dunraven in the Yellowstone National Park in 1874.”

Mystery Hike
Saturday, July 22

Can you discern the patterns, habits and animal behaviors that lie beneath the most curious natural mysteries of the park?

Children: What's the Buzz-Bees
Saturday, July 22

Join Naturalist Penny and explore the amazing life of bees through stories, hands-on activities.

Colorado Critters
Saturday, July 22

From small to large – all kinds of critters call Colorado home. Some fly, some slither, some hide in holes and some only come out at night. Come by the amphitheater and learn about the many critters and how they each fill a part of the ecological system.

Sunday Morning Bird Walk
Sunday, July 23

Come take a peaceful morning hike with a park naturalist along the Grassland Trail! We'll look (and listen!) for summer resident birds along the easy, 1/2 mile trail. Meet at the information kiosk next to Heinricy parking lot southwest of the campground. Bring water, sunscreen, and good walking shoes. Free and no registration required.

Hike: Outlook Ridge
Sunday, July 23

Explore with Naturalist Penny, the flora and fauna of this trail. You will able to see beautiful vistas, a variety of habitats and Lost Pond on this 2 mile loop.

Amphitheater: Nocturnal Animals
Sunday, July 23

Although the night seems peaceful, as though everyone is sleeping, there is actually A LOT going on. Join Penny as you learn more about the animals that go “bump” in the night. Dress warmly.

​ Wildlife Viewing Guides​

​​​bighorn sheep and mountain goat brochure cover ​

Bighorn Sheep
& Mountain Goats


​​Deer & Elk


cover of grouse, prairie-chickens and ptarmigan brochure

Grouse, Prairie​-Chickens
& Ptarmigan

Brown Wildlife Viewing SignSelect a pin point for a description of the location and wildlife viewing information. There are over 200 sites to choose from. These sites are also published on the official Map to Colorado. Order yours today (included with the Vacation Guide). Look for the brown wildlife viewing signs at (most) location destinations. Download our wildlife viewing tips and checklist ​to use on your next wildlife viewing adventure.