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​​​​​​​​With more than 23 million acres of public land, Colorado is an outdoor enthusiast's paradise.

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Licenses avaIlable online, In Person, by Phone

Leftover limited licenses, over-the-counter with caps licenses, and unlimited over-the-count​er licenses are on sale​ at CPW officeslicense agentsonline, or at 1-800-244-5613.​

  • Leftover limited licenses are licenses that have gone through the draw process and still have quota remaining. For example, if there were 1000 licenses for a certain elk hunt code, and only 100 people applied in the draws for that hunt code, there would be 900 leftover limited licenses remaining. The list of leftover limited licenses is now available online and will be updated every 15 minutes after 9am on August 5th.

  • Over-the-counter (OTC) with caps licenses are licenses that are limited in number and only available first-come, first-served starting at 9am on August 5th. The list of over-the-counter with caps can be found in the 2014 big game brochure and is now available online. Please note that over-the-counter with caps rifle bear licenses have season participation rules. Please see page 52 of the 2014 big game brochure.

  • Unlimited over-the-counter (OTC) licenses are licenses that are unlimited in number and available in a range of units and seasons. There are unlimited over-the-counter licenses for cow and either-sex archery elk, bull elk in the 2nd and 3rd rifle seasons, either-sex elk in the plains, either-sex archery pronghorn, and doe and either-sex whitetail deer. These licenses are restricted to certain units and manners of take. For more information, please see the maps in the 2014 big game brochure (pages 27, 30-33 and 46).  These licenses are listed in the online system without a hunt code or by asking for the specific OTC license by phone or in person.

If you have any questions, please contact CPW at 303.297.1192

 Hunting Colorado's Public Lands

 Regulations Brochures

Sheep & Goat brochureSmall Game BrochureTurkey BrochureBig Game Brochure  

​Sportsman's Roundtable

​CPW depends on feedback and advice from our state’s hunters and anglers to make the best decisions about wildlife and habitat management. The regional Sportsmen’s Caucuses are open to any local hunter and provide a forum for discussing more local issues. 

Visit the Sportsmen's Roundtable page.​