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Colorado Trail System (CTS)
Colorado Trail System (CTS)

The Colorado Trail System (CTS) endeavors to map every trail in the state of Colorado. CTS intends to serve as the connection between people, trails, and technology by coordinating the efforts of federal, state, county, and local agencies to create a comprehensive and authoritative repository of recreational trails for public use. Find ou​t more​.​


Discover how to use the Colorado Trail Explore maps. Get started with a quick COTREX tutorial​.

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Learn more about CTS

Get the latest on the CTS mapping project and find links to all related content.

CTS Partners

CTS is only as good as the data within it. So learn about the agencies CPW is partnering with​.

CTS Trajectory

Since CTS is an ongoing effort, find out what we’re working on today and provide input on where CTS goes next.

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Kn​ow Before You Go ​- Closures of areas can change quickly (even daily or hourly) & your outdoor destination or access route may be affected. Prior to heading out, learn about closures and plan alternative routes.​ More information: Road Closures and Alerts​.​​​​

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