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Session Descriptions
Session Descriptions
2018 Partners In The Outdoors Conference

The conference planning team wants to ensure that you have as much opportunity as possible to hear from our thought-provoking keynote speakers, and attend the cutting-edge sessions from our handpicked workshop facilitators and presenters. We work hard to design a workshop schedule that brings you skills in collaboration, project design and management, and strengthening your overall leadership abilities. Learn about this year's amazing sessions and start thinking about what you want to attend!

See Below for the 2018 Session Schedule and Descriptions!

Thursday May 10th @ 10:15am - 11:30am​​

​New Frontiers: Conserve, Redevelop, Undevelop

Coordinator: Jessica Jay, Conservation Law, P.C.​​

Like the mantra of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, the new frontiers of land protection will be to Conserve, Redevelop, and Undevelop. This session focuses on land trusts as new social entrepreneurs shepherding the movement from large-scale, raw land protection to small-scale, interconnected repurposing of land and its uses. Presenters will share their experiences and examples of working within, and developing new, legal, practical and functional frameworks for land trusts conserving, creating and interconnecting people and parcels of land for public parks, community gardens, cooperative farms and public forests; redeveloping, reimagining and reinventing the already-built environment for new public purposes such as affordable housing, recreation, and community places; and undeveloping, recovering and restoring developed, degraded, or polluted lands to support revitalized ecological and human systems.​​

Management of Multiple-use Recreation on Public Lands​

​​Coordinator: Bill Alspach​, Trails Preservation Alliance​

Multiple-use recreation abounds on our public lands and provides challenges for recreation mangers to maintain safety, protect natural resources and provide high quality recreational experiences. It is becoming increasingly common for trail users to encounter other users recreating on the same trails. This session, moderated by the Director of Colorado's Office outdoor Recreation Industry, Luis Benitez, will lead the discussion on identifying these multiple-use users, how our public land mangers are meeting an increasing demand for multiple-use recreational opportunities, new technologies like "E-bikes" and mitigating user conflicts while improving collaboration among user groups.​

Natural Leade​rs​: The Future of Colorado's Outdoors​​

Coordinator: CJ Goulding, Natural Leaders Network 

What does the future of conservation and outdoor recreation look like? Take advantage of this opportunity to hear from the inaugural cohort of Colorado Natural Leaders. In partnership with GOCO and the Children & Nature Network, a group of young trailblazers representing diverse backgrounds has been assembled and will be sharing opportunities, challenges, and tried solutions for building a diverse workforce within the outdoor industries and natural resources in CO. Become part of the conversation to explore ways and you and your agency or organization can learn from these young leaders and embed a culture that supports more diverse young leaders.​

Electric Bicycles: A Primer on the Technology & Land Manager Tools

Coordinator:​ Alex Logemann, People for Bikes

E-bikes represent a bicycle-like transportation and recreation option that reduces vehicle use, increases opportunities to bicycle for individuals with physical barriers, and provides a unique, emissions- and noise-free recreation activity. This presentation will cover the basics of e-bikes, technical specifications, safety information, rider demographics, market trends, legislative and policy work; as well as management examples, tools and studies. ​​​​

Igniting Change for Responsible Recreation: Messaging for the Masses

Coordinator: Alicia Tigges, National Parks Conservation Association

Increased usage, mixed messaging, and inadequate educational resources contribute to detrimental recreation habits on public lands. CU Boulder Masters of the Environment students and NPCA are bringing stakeholders together to combat this problem by using design thinking to create a “front country” stewardship campaign targeting some of the most damaging behaviors affecting the West’s treasured places. Share your insights and experiences at this interactive session aimed at fostering better public lands practices.​

Conservation through Recreation: Creating Colorado’s Outdoor Stewards One Kick-Ass Event at a Time​

Coordinator: Andrew Todd, Running Rivers

We firmly believe that the best way to ensure the preservation, protection, and maintenance of Colorado’s incredible public lands and waters is to develop stewards who will work to sustain the natural places that they play in. Our Colorado not-for-profit organizations were all borne out of a desire to get new people into our outdoors in novel and fun ways, with the hope that positive outdoor experiences will enhance individual health and well-being and foster long-term, strong connections with our natural resources.​

Thursday May 10th @ 1:15pm - 2:30pm

The Economics of Conservation in Colorado 

Coordinator: Erik Glenn, Colorado Cattlemen's Agricultural Land Trust

This session will include a review of the economic impacts of conservation efforts in Colorado. We will discuss the recent Trust for Public Land study on the impact of Conservation Trust Fund and GOCO investments aas well as the Colorado State University study on the Conservation Easement Tax Credit Program. This session will conclude with a panel discussion on how to best use economic analysis to further conservation efforts.

Economic Development and the Outdoor Industry ​

​Coordinator:​ Luis Benitez, Colorado Outdoor Recreation Industry Office

As the push for incentives and supportive programs gets more diverse and more competitive, how will we here in Colorado continue to innovate? Some state and regional examples of solutions are showing us what's possible.

Empowering Family-based Conservation Leadership in Metro Denver

Coordinator: Zuza Bohley, Americas for Conservation and the Arts

Presentation about the Promotores Verdes Program that empowers family-based Latino Conservation Leadership in the Denver Metro area born from a partnership with USFS, Americas for Conservation + the Art and Crea Results Community Health Promoters. Sharing Promotores Verdes history, family demographics, educational program, demonstrate community impact and offering opportunities for collaborations. This interactive presentation includes a panel - like question and answer portion.​​

Attention Colorado Tourists: Leave No Trace

Coordinators: Cathy Ritter, Colorado Tourism Office and Dana Watts, Leave No Trace

Travelers are flocking to our state like never before – largely because of Colorado’s unparalleled natural beauty and access to outdoor recreation opportunities. But can the state sustain the increase in visitors while maintaining the integrity of our mountains, parks, rivers and open space? This session will explore a new, ground- breaking partnership between the Colorado Tourism Office and Leave No Trace that works to educate visitors of all kinds in best practices to maintain and protect our state’s most important asset – the outdoors.​​​
Outdoor recreation trends, issues, and opportunities in Colorado: results from two statewide surveys. (workshop part 1 of 2)

 Coordinator: Jody Kennedy, Colorado Parks and Wildlife

CPW is updating the 5-year Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP). In Part I of this 2-part workshop, CPW will share preliminary results from 2018 studies on outdoor recreation trends, issues, and opportunities. Presentation by CPW Human Dimensions Researcher Dr. Mike Quartuch with discussion and Q & A.​​

The Most Successful Partner in Land Management: American Indian Tribes

Coordinator: Len Necefer, Natives Outdoors

The 48 tribes that recognize Colorado as part of their ancestral homelands are vital partners in sustainable outdoor recreation and promoting conservation within the state. For the many tribes of Colorado, outdoor recreation provides a potential pathway for culturally appropriate economic development that promotes healthy lifestyles and cultural revitalization. This panel will focus on the opportunities, challenges, and pathways that tribes & the state of Colorado can use to move forward toward the goal of a sustainable outdoor economy.

​​ ​Thursday May 10th 2:45pm - 4:00pm

How Communities are Growing Their Outdoor Industry

Coordinator: Lenore Bates, CDOT​ Scenic Byways Program

OEDIT is in partnership with CU’s MBA students at the Leeds School of Business Outdoor Industry Club has worked with communities to identify their resources, strengths, and weaknesses. Further, they worked directly with Ouray Chamber Resort Association, Rio Blanco County Economic Development, and Nucla-Naturita Chamber of Commerce to identify opportunities in the growing Colorado outdoor recreation landscape and assist in positioning these locations in the “marketplace.” Some communities will provide expected and unexpected outcomes.

​"You Can't Be Who You Can't See": Building an Inclusive Workforce​

​Coordinator: Tracy Gripp, Colorado Parks and Wildlife

How can we create a workforce in natural resources and the outdoors that better reflects our diverse communities? A panel of leaders in the career pipeline will highlight how they are connecting to youth from all backgrounds and fostering inclusive environments to encourage diverse representation in these careers. Following the panel, a structured conversation will foster collaborative dialogue and active engagement in a topic vital to the future of the work that we do.

A New Agenda for Purple State Public Lands Decisions: Insights from "The Public" Summit

​Coordinator: Vanessa Mazal, National Parks Conservation Association

Please join CU Boulder, ORec, and NPCA for a report-out and feedback session on “Putting ‘the Public’ in Public Lands”, a summit involving stakeholders from across Colorado’s public lands-dependent industries, user groups, communities, tribes, and agencies. “The Public” summit will examine dynamics created by current policy and regulatory frameworks, and identify common values and interests that can pave the way for a new policy agenda for public engagement on public lands decisions in our multiple use state.  

Shaping Colorado's outdoor recration goals for the next five years. Help inform Colorado's Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP) (workshop part 2 of 2)​

Coordinator: Jody Kennedy​, Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Leaders in outdoor recreation advising the 2019-2023 SCORP identified “Priority Areas” for the plan and CPW wants YOUR feedback to move these forward.  In this participatory session, attendees will identify desired outcomes for statewide outdoor recreation priorities.  Participant input will help inform strategies and actions that will guide outdoor recreation management and funding for the next five years.​

Inspiring a generation: GOCO partners lead movement to connect youth with the outdoors

Coordinator: Rosemary Dempsey, Great Outdoors Colorado

Great Outdoors Colorado and statewide partners launched a movement to connect Colorado kids and families with the outdoors. Learn how youth-serving organizations are creating new models for community-based programs through the Inspire Initiative, how 100+ partners across Colorado are changing attitudes and behaviors through Generation Wild, and how the Schools and Outdoor Learning Environments program is connecting youths and their families with the outdoors. Inspire coalition members will lead breakout sessions on community empowerment, diverse coalition building, and youth engagement. Choose one, and take away new learnings to apply to your work.​​​​​

250,000 Acres Later - Opportunities and the Future of the Habitat Stamp Program

Coordinator: Dan Prenzlow, Colorado Parks and Wildlife

The Habitat Stamp Program provides funding for conserving Colorado wildlife habitat across the State and is an important tool for accomplishing Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s mission to perpetuate wildlife resources.  The Habitat Stamp Committee and CPW staff will provide a thorough overview of the Colorado Habitat Stamp Program, with emphasis on the Colorado Wildlife Habitat Program (CWHP), and will describe both the challenges and successes of the Habitat Stamp.  The session will present an update on the current status of the CWHP, and session presenters will spend considerable time discussing with attendees the future direction and priorities of Habitat Stamp funding, including broadening the scope and impact of the Program..​​

Friday May 11th @ 8:45am - 10:00am

​The Stimulus Of Natural Surface Trails To Grow Communities

Coordinator: Scott Linnenburger, Kay-Linn Enterprises

This presentation will examine high impact recreation projects that have been developed primarily through a community-led vision and initiatives rather than agency-led or solely grant application processes. Success behind this methodology tends to 1) better link the benefitting community to the project/capital/capacity development process and ongoing stewardship of its natural resources, 2) encourage collaboration and strategic natural infrastructure development, and 3) create independence from always-threatened funding sources. Case studies depicting the resulting resiliency will demonstrate how natural surface trail development fostered growth, diversity, and additional collaboration for a community-defined future.​

The Foundation and Future of Wildlife Conservation

Coordinator:​ Andy Treharne, Congressional Sportsman's Foundation and Tom Spezze, National Wild Turkey Federation

The Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation’s Andy Treharne and the National Wild Turkey Federation’s Tom Spezze, share a look back at history and the evolution of wildlife conservation and the funding that pays for it. Topics include how wildlife conservation Eras created the need for Sporting Licenses, State Fish and Wildlife agencies, the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation, how the American System of Conservation Funding pays its own way, and the relevance to CPW’s “7-SHIFT Principles”.​​

Conservation, Stewardship & Energy​

Coordinator:​ Scott Braden, Conservation Colorado

We have all become more aware of the politicized nature of our resources with issues like public lands, climate change, and water at the fore front of public conversations. Considering this tension, how will we form relationships and alliances in places where we have never been before politically or professionally? We'll discuss unconventional partnerships and collaboration examples as well as challenges and opportunities in Colorado surrounding the intersection of the outdoor and energy industries.​

What's the buzz? Research at the rattlesnake-human interface

​Coordinator: Mary Ann Bonnell, Jeffco Open Space

Partnering with Adaptation Environmental Services, Jeffco Open Space examined rattlesnake ecology, biology, human-rattlesnake interactions and visitor attitudes and beliefs about sharing the trail with rattlesnakes at North Table Mountain Park. Join us for an interactive review of project findings.

The Nexus Between Recreation and Conservation Values

Coordinator: Julie Mach, Colorado Mountain Club

This workshop will explore how shared values that connect recreationists and conservationists can help resolve conflicts, and unite a stronger network of advocates for public lands. Presenters will share first-hand experiences and provide examples of effective projects that capitalize on collaborative solutions. Finally, an interactive discussion will result in creation of group manifesto to carry action forward on these principles.

Fireside Chat: Access, Use and Permitting on Public Lands

Coordinator: David Leinweber, Pikes Peak Outdoor Recreation Alliance

A continued conversation with public land managers and commercial outfitters on how we can best work together to deliver a high quality product to the public we serve. Ultimately we all serve the public who owns the land that defines the work that we do, yet we rarely come together to discuss best practices, common goals, and expectations for delivering a quality experience. Come and learn how property managers and commercial outfitters alike can accomplish these shared goals.

Friday May 11th @ ​10:15am - 11:30am​

Health and the Outdoors​​

​Coordinator: Janette Heung, Colorado Outdoor Recreation Industry Office

Our healthcare system is juggling many competing priorities. Therefore, using nature as a way of improving health is often the last thing on the minds of healthcare providers. Meanwhile, increasing evidence has demonstrated nature's benefit on physical and behavioral health. Given Colorado's vast natural resources and robust outdoor industry, nature-based recreation should be a top choice for providers and patients, but it's not yet the case. How can we better connect nature and outdoor recreation sectors with the healthcare sector? We'll discuss strategic partnerships and collaboration examples, and how your organization can create similar synergies​. ​​​

Donor-Centric Fundraising or: How I Got Over Asking for Money and Started Having Fun​

Coordinator: Erica Oakley-Courage​, Palmer Land Trust​​

Fundraising – a word that strikes panic into the hearts of non-profit professionals and Board members. In this interactive and engaging session you’ll learn about the cycle of development and how to ask for money while keeping your donor at the center of the process and your fear at a minimum. By making your donor the star, you’ll discover how to stand out among the organizations in your community. ​ ​​

​​A Digital Shift — Social Media Trends for 2018

​Coordinator: Mike DelliVeneri, Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Social media has become an important tool in nearly every organization's communication and marketing toolbox. However, using a 2016 strategy for Facebook won't cut it in 2018. Using these platforms effectively requires being informed of new features and trends, and being adventurous and creative in putting them to use. In this session we'll explore the current social media landscape, as well as advanced strategies to build a community around your outdoor organization.

The Carrying Capacity of Public Lands

Coordinator: Julie Mach, Colorado Mountain Club

A panel of land management agency representatives will speak to the increasing demand for outdoor recreation in Colorado and describe the social and biological impacts they’ve seen in their parks and forests. The group will also identify challenges and potential solutions to ensure that visitor use does not exceed the carry-capacity of public lands in Colorado. This discussion will build upon the Carrying Capacity research presented by Dr. Daniel Bowan in 2017 with field-based scenarios.​

Outdoor Wars: You are the Force that Must Awaken

​Coordinator: Matt Dunfee Wildlife Management Institute and Jason Duetsch, Colorado Parks and Wildlife

The Galaxy’s young people need you! 
In this session we will demystify your role in new age mentoring. Matt and Jason will help you bring focus, excitement and, most importantly, effectiveness to your efforts in recruitment, retention and reactivation. Become part of the “Outdoorsapien Nation” by learning what the latest data about young adults is showing us and what it all means. Gather tools for your agency or organization to help develop programs that will support the paradigm shift from “tradition”, “heritage” and “feel-good” to sustainability, organic mentoring and relevancy before they turn to the dark side!

Statewide Initiatives: Conservation, Stewardship and the Outdoor Industry

Coordinator:​ Matt Gray, Colorado Outdoor Partnership (CO-OP)

As we look to the future in Colorado, one of our biggest challenges will be to address the impacts of a rapidly growing population on Colorado’s natural resources. A driving question that has concerned leadership agencies and organizations is how do we both advance and balance conservation and recreation in Colorado amidst a rapidly growing population? During this session we will hear from representatives from four distinct statewide initiatives addressing these issues including the Colorado Outdoor Partnership, Outdoor Recreation Industry Advisory Council, the Colorado Outdoor Stewardship Coalition and the Wildlife Council.


Dan Zimmerer
Partnership Coordinator
(303) 291-​7258​ ​

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