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March 9-10, 2016
March 9-10, 2016


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Colorado Parks and Wildlife
Hunter Education Building
6060 Broadway
Denver, CO 80216

​Rule-Making Notice



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​Agenda Item



​Colorado Climate Plan


Principles and Ethics of Fair Chase


​Minutes of the January 13-14, 2016 Meeting to be approved

Citizen Petition​ ​


Chapter W-9 - “Wildlife Properties”

Final Regulations​ ​


​Chapter P-1: "Parks and Outdoor Recreation Lands" 2 CCR 405-1 and related Chapter W-5


Chapter P-2: "Boating" - 2 CCR 405-2 with related Chapter P-4: "Snowmobile Regulations" and Chapter P-5: "Off-Highway Vehicle Regulations"


​Chapter P-3: "River Outfitters"


​Chapter P-7: "Passes, Permits and Registrations"


​Chapter W-0: “General Provisions”


​Chapter W-2: “Big Game”


​Chapter W-3: “Furbearers and Small Game, Except Migratory Birds”


​Chapter W-5: “Small Game and Migratory Game Birds”


​Chapter W-9 - “Wildlife Properties”


​Chapter W-16: “Procedural Rules” and related Chapter W-2: “Big Game”

Issues Identifications​ ​


​Chapter W-2: “Big Game”


​Chapter W-9: “Wildlife Properties” and related Chapter P-1: "Parks and Outdoor Recreation Lands”


Chapter W-11: “Wildlife Parks and Unregulated Wildlife”

Non-Regulatory Items​ ​


​2016 Non-Motorized Trail Grants

Consent Agenda​ ​

(Includes Regulations as noted below)


​Game Damage Claims



​Chapter P-3: "River Outfitters"

**Removed from Consent and added to Regular Agenda as Item 12.5


DAU E-39: Mt. Evans Elk Herd


​DAU RBS-4: Mt. Evans Bighorn Sheep


DAU B-14: Upper Arkansas Bear

Workshop​ ​

Non-Consumptive User Revenue

Commission Operations, Communications, and Procedures Draft

​Citizen Petition Process


​ ​PowerPoints


​Colorado Climate Plan


Principles and Ethics of Fair Chase


Chapter W-9: "Wildlife Properties" - Citizen Petition


​2016 Non-Motorized Trail Grants


​SW Region Update


​Gold Medal Water - Update for Blue River


2015 Accomplishments​ in Real Estate


2016 RFP Priorities


​ ​Post-Meeting Documents

​​Mar 2016 PWC Summary

Ch P-1 - Parks and Outdoor Rec - As Approved
Ch P-2 - Boating - As Approved
​​Ch P-3 - River Outfitters - As Approved
Ch P-4 - Snowmobile - As Approved
Ch P-5 - OHV - As Approved
Ch P-7 - Passes Permits and Registrations - As Approved
Ch W-0 - Terrestrial Invasive Species - As Approved
Ch W-2 - Big Game - As Approved
Ch W-3 - Furbearers and Small Game - As Approved
Ch W-5 - Migratory Birds - As Approved
Ch W-9 - Wildlife Properties - As Approved
Ch W-16 - Refund Reissue - As Approved