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August 11-12, 2016
August 11-12, 2016


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Colorado Parks and Wildlife
Holiday Inn Express Montrose
1391 S. Townsend Avenue
Montrose, CO 81401​



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​Agenda Item


Non-Regulatory Items​​


Draft July 2016 Minutes


Commission Sponsorship Policy Draft


Draft Resolution - Blue Ribbon Panel


2016-2017 Snowmobile Capital Grants


​Colorado the Beautiful Update & Draft Statewide Trails Strategic Plan


Human - Bear Conflict Report


2017 Proposed Commission Meeting Dates




Financial Update


Commission Sponsorship Policy


CPW Hatchery System Overview


CPW Direction and Strategy Regarding Real Estate Acquisitions​


Draft Resolution in Support of Blue Ribbon Panel


2016-2017 Snowmobile Capital Grants Approval


​Colorado the Beautiful Update


​Black Bear Report


Overview of the Big Game Auction and Raffle Program