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September 8, 2016
September 8, 2016


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Ruth Humphreys Brown Theatre
120 South Main Street
Creede, CO 81130 ​​​


Rule-Making Notice

Notice of Emergency Regulation Hearing


Audio Archive

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Tape 1

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​Agenda Item


Non-Regulatory Items​ ​


Draft August 2016 Minutes


Draft Commission Sponsorship Policy


2016-2026 Trails Strategic Plan


Trails Committee Confirmation and Renewals

Regulatory Items​ ​


Citizen Petition: Chapter W-3: "Furbearers and Small Game, Except Migratory Birds"

Final Regulations​ ​


​Chapter P-1: "Parks and Outdoor Recreation Lands" and related Chapter W-5: "Small Game - Migratory Birds"


Chapter P-7: "Passes, Permits and Registrations"


Chapter W-6: "Falconry" and related Chapter W-13: " Wildlife Possession​, Scientific Collecting & Special Licenses"

Draft Regulation​ ​


Chapter W-2: "Big Game" and related Chapter W-15: "License Agents"

Issues Identification​ ​


​Chapter W-1: "Fishing" and related Chapter W-0: "General Provisions"


​Chapter W-2: "Big Game"


Chapter W-3: "Furbearers and Small Game, except Migratory Birds"

Non-Regulatory Item


​2017 Meeting Date and Locations


​Report to the General Assembly Regarding the Mid-Suspension Review Process
Emergency Regulation​ ​

Chapter W-16: "Procedural Rules"




Northeast Region Update


Southeast Region Update


​Southwest Region Update


AHRA: A Success Story


2016-2026 Trails Strategic Plan


ANS Program Update


​Post- Meeting Documents

September 2016 PWC Summary

Chapter P-1: "Parks and Outdoor Recreation" - As Approved

Chapter P-7: "Passes, Permits and Registrations" - As Approved

Chapter W-5: "Small Game - Migratory Birds" - As Approved

Chapter W-6: "Raptors" - As Approved

​Chapter W-13: "Wildlife Possession, Scientific Collecting and Special Licesnses: - As Approved 

Chapter W-14: "Wildlife Rehabilitation" - As Approved 

Chapter W-16:" License Suspension" - As Approved