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November 16-17, 2017
November 16-17, 2017


​Associated Files:

​​​Yuma Community Center
421 E 2nd Ave
Yuma, CO 80759



​Rule-Making Notice


Audio Archive

​Regulatory Items ​

7(Citizen Petition) Chapter P-8: "ANS"
8​​(Final) Chapter W-1: Fishing
​9​(Final) Chapter W-2: "Big Game"
​10​(Final) Chapter W-3: "Furbearers and Small Game, except Migratory Birds"
​11(Final) Chapter W-8: Field Trials and Training of Hunting Dog"​
​12​(Final) Chapter W-17: "Game Damage"
​13​(Draft) Chapter W-0: "General Provision"
​14​(Issue) Chapter W-2: "Big Game"
​15(Issue) Chapter W-12: "Lake Licenses"​

​Non-Regulatory Items ​

​2Draft September Minutes​
​16​Financial Sustainability Outreach Update
​18​Financial Update
  a. FY Sources and Uses
  b.  FY 10 Year Comparative Balance Sheets
  c.  Consolidated Finacial Statements
​22Resolution in Support of Transfer of the Medano Ranch to the Great Sand Dunes National Preserve
​32​CPW Budget Projections
​  a.  Memo
​  b.  Parks 8-Year Forcast
​  c.  Wildlife 8-Year Forcast

​Consent Agenda ​

​30.1HPP Nominations
​30.4​(Issue) Chapter W-2: "Big Game"

PowerPoints​ ​

​5Department of Agriculture Update
​8Porta Bote
​16Financial Sustainability Outreach
​17North Sterling State Park
​18Financial Update
​1941st Annual Colorado Trappers Predator Hunters Convention Recap
​20GOCO Update
​21​Great Sand Dunes Ungulate Management Plan
​27Law Enforcement Update

IPAWS Update

Active Network

​29​Jackson Lake State Park
​34Midwestern Farms RFP

Post-Meeting Documents​ ​

​Nov 2017 Regulations Summary
​ ​Ch. P-7: "Passes, Permits and Registrations" - As Approved
​ ​Ch. W-0: "General Provisions: - As Approved
​ ​Ch. W-1: "Fishing" - As Approved
​ Ch. W-2: "Big Game" - As Approved
​Ch. W-3: "Furbearers and Small Game, Except Migratory Birds: - As Approved
​Ch. W-5: "Migratory Birds" - As Approved
​Ch. W-8: "FIeld Trials and Training of Hunting Dogs" - As Approved
​Ch. W-15: "Division Agents" - As Approved
​Ch. W-17: "Damage Caused by Wildlife" - As Approved